How Group Volunteering Can Promote a Positive Company Culture

Does your company offer opportunities for your employees to give back to your community together? Company-sponsored group volunteering is a great way to promote a positive company culture. Read on to find out how in the following article brought to you by the coaches at Arden.

Company volunteering helps your company:

Offer a Greater Vision Beyond Its Own

As of 2015, millennials became the largest generation in the workforce. A big part of what millennials look for in a position is a job that’s about more than just making money: a company that has a vision beyond itself.

Whether your company decides to volunteer at a soup kitchen, give back by rebuilding homes through a program like Habitat for Humanity, or participate in a community run or walk for a great cause, volunteering positively charges the company’s overall vision. It’s one way to effectively express that the organization’s goals extend beyond the money aspect.


Build Strong Relationships Between Team Members

Group VolunteeringMost of us are prone to stick to our corporate coordinates: building A, upper floor, department X, corner by the window. Sometimes, all that’s needed to help team members feel confident enough to come out of their shells is a change of scenery.

As we’ve discussed in recent posts, team bonding happens through time and shared experiences. Ongoing company volunteering opportunities provide both of these building blocks for team development by giving team members a social, outside-the-office outlet for fostering new relationships and strengthening those that already exist.

Help Employees Gain a Sense of Gratitude

Helping others who are less fortunate gives us a powerfully orienting feeling known as gratitude. Gratitude helps us better process our own lives and be thankful for all that we have.

Plain and simple, it makes you feel good to know that you’re making a difference in someone else’s life. And giving back through volunteering allows employees to reintroduce this sense of gratitude into their own lives. Focusing on appreciation can impact our personal and professional worlds in big ways: It encourages us to be thankful at work and be more patient with others, and it adds a spring to our steps.

Companies That Volunteer Give Back and Look on the Bright Side!

Through showing employees that their efforts are part of a greater goal, giving them the opportunity to connect with others and cultivate relationships, and providing them with a fulfilling lens for self-reflection, company-wide volunteering can be a powerful catalyst for promoting a positive office culture.

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