Why Arden

Empowering executives to create their own leadership legacy

A Workplace Leader’s Best Kept Secret

Arden coaches make executives the stars of their own success. By helping execs see themselves from an outsider’s perspective, our coaches can guide and challenge executives to excel well beyond their set expectations.

Coaches With Credit

Arden coaches are esteemed professionals with extensive training and expertise in the area of professional development. Browsing through our coaching team’s profiles, you’ll see that many possess senior-level coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation, while others hold advanced degrees in psychology or organizational development, and several employ a combination of all of three.

In addition to this essential schooling, our coaches have thousands of hours of coaching experience. They’re trained to abide by the highest ethical standards and always act in the client’s best interest.

Each of our coaches also possesses the innate ability to connect to a wide range of personalities and learning styles, which means we can provide a coach for every type of executive.

“You’ve been masterful. I never had the experience of being with someone so relatable, easy to be with, present and trustworthy. It always feels like a soft place to land. You were the only person who could make a difference with me. I never could have raised this money from Board Members last year. I’m so grateful and so so thankful.”

– J.J., Non-profit Director

Convenient Locations

Executive coaching is an ongoing partnership that works best when conducted in person. Arden Coaching’s executive and group services are available in 13 major US cities sprinkled throughout the country, which makes it easy to connect with an Arden coach close by.

Coaches are also flexible as to how sessions are conducted and offer phone or Skype call alternatives to in-person meetings. This helps us cater to the schedules of our clients who travel frequently, ensuring that they always receive professional coaching attention.

Tangible Results

Companies seek executive coaching when the actions of their execs aren’t returning results at the pace or quality they desire. Our coaches produce real-world results by helping executives cultivate change and create action plans that they can implement right away.

Project- and skill-specific milestones set by the coach, supervisor, and executive at the engagement’s start and planned communications throughout ensure that the executive and the company are improving throughout the coaching process.

An Ontological Approach

Arden coaches use an ontological approach in helping executives harness change. From a high level, this methodology expresses that how you see the world impacts the choices you make and the actions you take.

The ontological process is illuminating in both personal and professional contexts. By uncovering the patterns of thinking behind an executive’s actions, Arden coaches can help execs to revise their rationales and reform how they approach individual situations. These deep personal epiphanies act as the catalyst for creating long-term changes in the executive’s outlook and resulting behaviors.

The Arden way motivates clients to take personal responsibility: to be proactive rather than reactive, to own their results and the impact they have on others. When executives can capitalize on this new sense of self, they as an individual, the teams they lead, and the whole organization benefits.


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