Arden Leadership Academy

The Arden Leadership Academy is designed to bring high level training and coaching to teams within your organization.  We utilize a variety of learning techniques to elevate your teams to the next level of leadership.

Who benefits from the Arden Leadership Academy?

Our leadership training programs for managers use a unique combination of group training and one-on-one coaching in order to provide managers with maximum results. This one-of-a-kind two-tier approach exposes employees to new concepts and tools, helps them to address their personal gaps in leadership, and gives them what they need to implement what they’ve learned in their own tasks and teams.

By focusing on skill development alongside application, managers can see the results of their new actions take shape in real time.

Our Leadership Training programs include:

  • Director-level through Senior Leaders
  • Board of Directors
  • Women leaders
  • Emerging leaders
  • Virtual teams


What Outcomes you can expect from the Arden Leadership Academy?

Individual Benefits

  • Deep self-awareness of strengths, areas of opportunity, thinking and behavioral patterns
  • A personalized leadership action plan
  • Leaders’ goals aligned to that of the company
  • Effective communication with colleagues and clients
  • Ability to work productively in teams
  • Sustained learning

See how our process develops leaders:


View our Process

Organizational Benefits

  • Increased leadership skills and engagement levels
  • New levels of communication and team productivity
  • Sustained learning with tangible results
  • Actionable Innovation Projects created
  • Retention of highly desirable team leaders
  • Cultural impact beyond the immediate participants