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Hien DeYoung


Hien DeYoung, PCC

Executive Coach/Facilitator

Focus: Leadership Purpose, Team Coaching, Managing Change

Education and Certification

International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Certified Hudson Institute Coach

Team Coaching Practitioner, Team Coaching Foundation

Certification in multiple assessments: Enneagram, MBTI, Leadership Circle Profile, DiSC, Predictive Index

“Hien is extremely insightful, knowledgeable and caring. She has an innate talent to grasp complex situations and then distill them back to you with profound insights that will make you see things from a new perspective or another angle you hadn’t considered. Her coaching has helped me grow as an executive, both professionally and personally.”

— CM, SVP, Head of Portfolio Strategy, pharmaceutical company

Hien is a certified executive coach and former HR VP and Corporate Officer in biotechnology. Her background has given Hien unique experiences and tools for coaching globally. Hien has had the privilege of coaching executive leaders from a variety of companies like Astellas, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Expedia Group, Leavelogic, and Microsoft.

Hien spent 20+ years as a head of human resources for biotech and medical device startups that garnered $300m in venture investment including an IPO. Working with founders and CEOs to scale up their companies is when deep conversations about leadership took place… who are they as leaders, what kind of organization did they want to build, what is the culture they want for their employees, what are the targeted business outcomes, and what’s their lasting legacy? Hien found these conversations to be the most effective in helping leaders to be better humans and effective businesspeople. This moved Hien towards coaching as her next career. These experiences and intimate observations of founders and CEOs built her catalog and deep understanding of leadership, people development, behaviors and outcomes.

Hien is driven by curiosity and finding the untapped capabilities that hides behind our behavior patterns. Hien believes that each of us have an imprint of genius and is whole, capable and resourceful. Hien’s role is to be a thought partner, catalyst and navigator with her clients on their journey. She is described by her clients as insightful, having an innate ability to grasp complex situations, and linking coaching objectives to a measurable outcome.

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