Leaders Lead 24/7: The Leadership Lifestyle

Here’s a to-do list that you will NOT see on the desk of an executive with strong leadership skills: Review audit Complete draft CRM proposal Meet with supply chain manager Demonstrate leadership behavior Update west coast team True leadership is not a task that...

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3 Ways Leaders Can Build Trust

By Michael Nagle, PCC   People follow leaders they trust and walk away from leaders they do not trust.  Effective working relationships are built on trust which is the foundation for building cohesive leadership teams.  Without trust, team members will avoid...

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“Do I Need a Coach or a Consultant?”

Effective organizational leaders are forward-thinking and constantly looking for opportunities to improve. As they seek to strengthen their organizations, teams, and themselves, they understand that external experts can help accelerate the work and maximize results....

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4 Benefits from Coaching

By Mandeep Singh, MCC So, I’ve been coaching for close to 20 years now, and here are the common benefits I have seen people get for themselves through the process: Space and time to just think, period. Most of us are so busy, and juggling so many balls simultaneously,...

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Are You In Your “Right Mind”?

By Eva Szekeres, MA, PCC Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” (Henry Ford) ‘We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” (Anais Nin) One of the most fascinating experiences of working with people as an executive coach is...

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Are You a Reflective Leader?

By Marian Oláh, MBA, MA, PCC     Do you sometimes notice that you are so intensely following a discussion, while simultaneously being engrossed in your internal thinking process, that you miss opportunities to share your ideas and contribute to a meeting? At...

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Four Networking Traps to Avoid

In the heat of the moment many of us forget what’s been written about the art and science of effective networking. When the pressure is on there’s a natural tendency to revert back to established habits and behavioral comfort zones. This is especially true for people...

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Thirteen Behaviors of a High Trust Leader

By Sharon Krohn, M.A., MCC   I recently developed and ran a retreat for a dynamic group of women deal makers to help these emerging leaders explore ways leverage their networks, to help build and enhance their businesses. In working with these women, I was...

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Setting Up your Meeting for Success

By Plum Cluverius, MA/ABS, PCC I’ve had the good fortune to serve on the adjunct faculty of the Federal Executive Institute for over 14 years. Located in Charlottesville, VA, the Institute was founded by President Lyndon Johnson’s 1968 executive order establishing a...

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The Art of Influence and Executive Presence

Think about someone you know who is great at influencing people. Now think about someone you know with a strong sense of executive presence (however you might define it). Does the same person come to mind? The power of influence is both an element, and an outcome, of...

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Boss’s Authority vs. Encouraging Collaboration

By Lilian Abrams, PhD, MBA, PCC   What Was the Problem? In a recent coaching conversation, a senior-level female executive, Angela*, raised the topic of the tension she was experiencing between encouraging a subordinate to be collaborative, and that person’s...

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