“This experience has meant so much to me and benefited me so much. You are a tremendous coach. We have done some pretty incredible things in a pretty short period of time. I got a $50M increase approved for my program, I got a new job, I went from hating my new boss to loving her and learning so much from her. I don’t think I could have gotten there without my coach.”

– M.M., Director, Government Agency

“You’ve been masterful. I never had the experience of being with someone so relatable, easy to be with, present and trustworthy. It always feels like a soft place to land. You were the only person who could make a difference with me. I never could have raised this money from Board Members last year. I’m so grateful and so so thankful.”

– J.J., Non-profit Director

“It’s been an awesome 12 months. I’m a better person, wife, VP, mother, daughter. I had myself caged and now I’m doing delicious stuff. Everyone around me has seen the change. You are able to have me shift my paradigm and shift how I’m feeling. You have a skill and art and a way of dropping that seed that allows me to do a deep dive and I come out on the other side having an ‘aha’ moment.”

– L.Q., Hospital Vice President

There are things you said that will resonate with me FOREVER. You uncovered my power. I don’t care if you help someone become President of the United States – that’s nothing compared to what you’ve done for me! You helped me find my core. You have no idea what you’ve done for me.”

– N.L., Managing Director, Theatre Company

“This is exactly what I need. You’ve helped me work thought the inner confidence that has always been there but hasn’t come out. You’ve given me tools for that to come out which has been really helpful to be more effective. I’d felt without purpose at work, but now I see that it’s not all or nothing – I have time with my family but I’m more intentional about time at work and time at home. Thank you for your openness and non-judgmental ways. It’s been a lot of fun. I feel a new sense of maturity as a result of our work. I’m very grateful.”

– S.C., promoted to Head of R&D, Consumer Product Company

“Look at what’s happened in the last few months. Years ago I imagined how great it would be to be here. There’s no magic. Going after it and making it happen is what makes it happen. There are fundamental shifts in thinking I’ve had in working with you. This process has been invaluable. It’s been a very valuable investment. I extricated myself from a failing business, and managed to keep income coming in while looking at other options. I’ve also gotten all sorts of tools and perspective. Things are changing. My confidence level is higher. The tools you and I have been working on are changing things for the better. There’s value in the coaching if I’m willing to work – and that’s on me. We’ve accomplished significant things in six months. These sessions continue to surprise me with their value. I’m very clear now on what I need and what I want. Thank you!”

– W.R., Entrepreneur

Read about the process these clients loved so much!


“Meeting Maren has literally changed my life both professionally and personally.  She taught me the skills that would allow me to be “authentic” while still being “me”.  She helped me reach individuals I was having trouble reaching and showed me ways to get the job done without being overly aggressive.

As a result, I am a much better employee, mother and all around person for it.  I will take what Maren taught me and use it for a lifetime.”

– P. O., V.P., Media

“My experience with Maren was incredibly powerful and a game changer for my career”

– G.S., Chief Marketing Officer, Media

“I have never met a more indefatigable ally – she is truly a superlative person to have working alongside you in your court.  She is warm, perceptive, compassionate and fiercely intelligent.  Best of all, she is lightning fast at grasping the most complex of personal challenges.  She is ready always to help you get to the root of every single perceived obstacle that’s standing in the way of genuine fulfillment. I now feel a new sense of openness, possibility and energy as I tackle projects big and small and plot out major career and life goals.  Defeatism and fear have been unmasked at last for what they really are.  Maren is a miracle worker! ”

– G.B., Writer

“Thank you Maren! You are always amazing at getting so quickly to the heart of the matter, verbalizing the situation and a potential discussion so eloquently…Your help is really appreciated – thanks so much for the great guidance.  It’s helped us to get moving on this”

– S.L., V.P. Diversity and Inclusion, Construction

“I felt that my coach (Maren) was truly invested in my progress. She held me accountable to our goals and at times was challenging, which is all the markings of a great coach. Lastly, I really appreciated that there were exercises and next steps that continued after our course of work concluded. Going forward, I also know she is always available for questions as a general go-to professional resource. This includes the ongoing newsletter and blog posts from Arden that are always welcome in my inbox!”

– H.B., V.P., Media

“I thought they were wonderful in achieving the goals for this retreat. They pushed us to express our thoughts in a structured manner and did a nice job of keeping a difficult group on task. They were very sincere, well-prepared, engaging, made us feel extremely comfortable.”

“I want to thank you for your help. It feels like the session was a hit from all accounts. I’m glad we did it with you!”

– B.D., S.V.P., Construction

Arden is a place where our guard can be dropped and a candid discussion can be had yielding a nontraditional conclusion that is usually insightful (only because we seldom go there).  Much like many things in life one can usually work through a problem when they talk about that problem and vet potential solutions.  The problem is that most of us “engineers” either don’t recognize, or are too cavalier to admit, that a problem exists.  Arden has been a good resource to vet thoughts and concerns that I just would not feel comfortable vetting within the Organization.  Arden’s been a super sounding board with appropriate and thoughtful response that is well balanced in delivery.”

– H.O., V.P., Construction