How to Work Inspired, Even When You’re Not!

Inspiration, our fickle friend, isn’t always around to grace us with its presence, but most of us must persevere anyway. When we lose inspiration at work, we’re quick to automatically write it off as a bad day. With a bad attitude, it’s even harder for us to regain focus.

To get down to the bottom of always working with a spring in your step, we asked our coaches, who double as behavioral experts, for a few pointers. Here’s what they had to say about how to work inspired, even when you’re not.

Know Yourself and What Drives You

The most fundamental way to stay focused and inspired in your day-to-day work is a combination of self-awareness and action. First, ID what makes you happy, excited, and inspired—for example, being able to engage with others and give and get support.

Coming up with these isn’t always easy. If you need help, contact us for a personal needs assessment.


Find Out How and Where to Meet Your Needs

Next, you need to figure out how you can meet the needs you’ve identified. If you work solo for the most part but crave interaction, express this to your boss, look into opportunities that your company may offer for socializing and team bonding, go to happy hours, sign up for company volunteering, or join a club.

You won’t be able to meet every need at work and that’s normal. For example, if humor drives you but you work in a crisis center, you probably need to get your comedy fill at home. Watch a comedy show or practice standup in your free time.


Get a Daily Dose of Inspiration

What inspires us recharges, refreshes, and keeps us motivated. Now that you know what inspires you and how you might get it, it’s time to make it happen. Make room in your schedule for that activity every day.

Love being outside but have a desk job? Walk a lap on your lunch break if the weather’s nice, go for a stroll around your neighborhood after dinner, and schedule trips to hike or explore new places on your weekends.

Working on your personal positivity? Try these 3 quick exercises to train your brain to be more positive.


Is Your Current Position a Long-Term Match?

If you feel as though you’re perpetually uninspired at work, it pays to look at your job situation under a critical lens. Do you think that your current position aligns with your needs long-term?

There will always be ups and downs, but if you’re constantly operating at a deficient, you’re going to burn out quickly. If you’re not inspired now, it could be that you won’t be inspired in the future, either. It may be time to seek another opportunity that’s a better fit for who you are and what you find important in a job.


Get Out There and Find Your Inspiration!

Having something to look forward to and be happy about outside work is key to staying on the ball and keeping your focus, as is finding an occupation that you enjoy.

Channeling inspiration is no easy feat, but with our tips in play, you’ll be more upbeat and productive in your day-to-day work.

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