Ten Essentials for Effective Career Planning

By Sharon Krohn


Leadership Coaching can help an executive see more clearly and gain new perspectives and can dramatically increase career momentum. However, as leaders, we each hold personal responsibility for our own career management and development. By focusing on the following fundamentals, we can take charge of our careers, enhance growth and insure a gratifying professional life:

#1 A Personal Vision For The Future Is Key

Just as organizations thrive under visionary leadership, every leader needs a clear vision for a professional future. As you develop your own vision, take stock of your talents, and passions, your skills and experience, your contacts and mentors. Renew your vision annually and then, keep your eye on the ball. Know where you’re headed and what you’re trying to achieve. Revisit your plan often and remain flexible in responding to market shifts to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

#2 Self-Awareness Is Essential  

Emotional intelligence  begins here. Know who you are; your strengths and passions. Clarify your essence, your values, your brand and your competitive advantages.

#3 Who You Work With Really Matters.

Working with inspirational leaders and with a talented, smart, creative team will inspire you and can help propel you into the next level and catapult you into your envisioned future.

#4 Networking Enhances Growth 

Networking is not only important when you are looking for a job. Staying connected to colleagues is always important. Developing and nurturing relationships within your organization is key. Connecting with associates in your industry trade groups can keep you attuned to industry trends and keep you from becoming stale. Broaden your sphere with community leaders and in the philanthropic and civic worlds. The strategic relationships you build and people you support will pay off. What goes ‘round, comes ‘round.

#5 Work Ethic Counts 

While is it not the hardest working person who is the most successful, a passionate commitment and great work product are the nuts and bolts in building a great career. Work smart.

#6 Resume Builder Shape Advantage 

Keep your eye on those resume builders. Working with brand name people at a brand name company can serve as a foundation for future growth. Stepping up to a high profile project can provide opportunities for significant increase in responsibility, job scope and compensation.

#7 Mentors and Sponsors Enhance the Likelihood for Success 

With effective guidance, internal and external mentors and sponsors can dramatically enhance your careers and propel you forward, particularly when they have a seat at the table or have the ear of the decision maker and will personally vouch for your effectiveness. This be a career-changer.

#8 A ‘Board Of Directors’ Serves Well 

Develop a personal BOD, a go-to team to serve as sounding board for insight and advice. Build a team of folks you trust and convene the group or meet with individual members who can offer a range of perspectives.

#9 Risk Taking Pays 

Nothing ventured…. Be savvy. Have a plan but recognize opportunities and maximize them as they arise.

#10 Continuous Learning is Critical

Take advantage of formal and informal learning opportunities. Weigh the value of lateral moves to expand capabilities and perspective. Be open minded. Utilize your coach  for maximum learning and development.

Consider which of these fundamentals have already contributed to your success. Now select the three of these elements that would be most helpful for you to address going forward, and provide a focus for your own Career Management.

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