Transform Your Teams with
Powerful, Customized Facilitation.

Dynamic Team Offsites and The 5 Behaviors® Program Get Results

We provide teams with personalized development solutions that increase their effectiveness and improve interpersonal dynamics. By combining enhanced interpersonal awareness with the foundational concepts of highly proficient teams, we help teams increase their performance and value.

At Arden Coaching, we believe that every effective team development program requires a customized plan. To begin, we conduct discovery with key stakeholders to identify the goals for the engagement—both for the teams and the leaders within them. Next, we develop a customized plan that can include offsite facilitation sessions and the acclaimed 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program. To help your team reach its goals, your facilitator might include additional pertinent assessments, one-on-one coaching, and ongoing staff coaching.

The Arden Approach

Simply put, our team development solutions get real results for our clients. Our expert facilitators are all certified, experienced executive coaches who take a practical, tool-based approach to deliver the tangible behavior shifts that move teams—and organizations—forward.

We pride ourselves on providing true, collaborative partnership and unparalleled customer service. Throughout the process, your Arden facilitator will partner closely with you to keep the program on track. We welcome your partnership, feedback, and contribution, and we are available for calls and meetings to make sure the program is progressing in line with your expectations. We will offer recommendations as well, so that you get the full benefit of our experience and best practices.

“Arden provides a place where we can drop our guard and have a candid discussion, yielding a nontraditional, insightful conclusion. Arden’s been a super sounding board with appropriate and thoughtful response that is well balanced in delivery.”
— I. P., Senior Vice President, Construction

“Arden’s services exceeded my expectations. You helped my team through a challenging transition. The coach is a superb facilitator. He helped me grow as a manager.”
— K. J., Department Manager, Healthcare

“You guys are quick reads. You come to understand the underlying issue/problem much sooner than I would have ever anticipated. Arden has consistently facilitated a discussion until I/we found confidence in the solution.”
— I. P., Senior Vice President, Construction

“You were the best facilitator I’ve seen in 15 years.”
— G.R., HR Director

Arden Coaching

What Makes a Great Team?

Great teams are distinguished by high performance, trust, communication, and effectiveness. Arden facilitators skillfully unite a group of leaders into a true team, increasing collaboration and improving team productivity by establishing the Rules of Engagement and providing a framework that team members can use to evaluate their performance. We work closely with the team as a whole and its individual members to help them implement changes that improve their leadership skills and overall effectiveness.

Arden Coaching

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

In 2002, Patrick Lencioni’s best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team™, revolutionized the way leaders work with their teams. Since then, he has refined and amplified his approach in The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™. If you seek to create an engaging, trusting, and dynamic culture and a nimble team that gets results, this dynamic program is the quickest route to success. Our skilled facilitators bring The Five Behaviors to life for your team to bring about long-term change within your individual contributors and your organization as a whole.

Arden Coaching

Powerful Programs Tailored to Your Unique Needs

In order to design a plan that meets the team’s unique needs, your facilitator gets to know the individual players and the current dynamics among them. Arden’s personalized process ensures that every step we take together helps the participants work more effectively as a team. At the conclusion of the engagement, team members walk away energized, with a renewed sense of personal and team responsibility. They are ready to implement the custom action plan they built together, which will direct and fuel the team’s future efforts, delivering long-term impact.

Maximize Your Team’s Potential with a Facilitated Offsite

Teams that work together effectively produce results at an accelerated pace. But the reality is, many teams don’t operate at this optimized level. Instead of being proactive and bold, they’re passive, get distracted by the unimportant, or tend to blame others instead of owning their actions.

The most effective way to address these issues is to gather your team at a well-planned offsite. Unfortunately, most offsites lack the powerful facilitation that helps teams express themselves authentically, identify roadblocks to progress, and then develop an action plan. At Arden, our coaches design and facilitate dynamic offsites that deliver real results.

Our offsites give team members the opportunity to:

Take a fearless inventory of the group’s progress and direction.

Identify the underlying beliefs and attitudes that have produced the current results.

Evaluate, strengthen, and align the team’s vision and goal.

Build a powerful, deadline-driven plan for the future.

Help each member understand their personal responsibilities in the new plan.

Energetic Offsites That Move Teams Forward

Our experienced offsite facilitators deploy a variety of tools calibrated to improve your team dynamics. We’ll ensure that leaders have the space to express their authentic perspective, guide them in distinguishing roadblocks to progress, and help them develop an effective, action-focused strategy to reach their goals within their desired timeframe. Is your team ready to advance to the next level? Let’s discuss how a skillfully facilitated Arden offsite can move your team forward.

Arden’s Virtual Team Development Solutions

As a growing number of organizations move toward a more remote workforce, the challenges to team cohesion and effectiveness grow. While many companies allow limited—or no—travel, Arden Coaching has you covered with virtual solutions that can help your teams reach their goals.

We facilitate engaging virtual experiences with the latest technology.

Our expert facilitators readily accommodate the needs of today’s remote teams, and we proudly offer our full suite of team development solutions virtually to help move your leaders and organizations forward. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide powerful, engaging virtual solutions that create lasting impact.