Executive Coaching in Los Angeles, CA

Supervised by the iconic Hollywood sign and populated by many stars, Los Angeles, CA, is an exciting place to live and work. Major film studios, Fortune 500 companies, and businesses that lead the way in technology, aerospace, and fashion all call LA’s thriving business community home.

When these companies need training for their top performers, they seek the help of an established executive coaching company like Arden Coaching. Arden Coaching provides customized leadership solutions for businesses throughout LA and beyond. Keep reading to find out more about the services that Arden offers.


About Arden Coaching

Arden Coaching is a team of dedicated coaching professionals that share a powerful and effective method for helping their clients succeed. For the last nine years, Arden has been helping executives and their teams strengthen their leadership abilities and stretch their personal bests.

Starting with one coach and a successful client following, the Arden team is now made up of 24 talented executive coaching experts who act as a source of perception, inspiration, and guidance to leaders around the country every day.

One-on-One Executive Coaching in LA

Arden’s customized partnerships aim to benefit both the executive participating in the program and the organization as a whole. The partnership starts with a 360-degree leadership assessment that evaluates the executive’s current leadership performance, bringing their attention to the most pertinent areas that need improving.

Based on these results and goals laid out by the executive and the company, coach and client will co-create a personalized development plan for the areas the executive will work toward achieving as the engagement unfolds. Executives who reap the most from these partnerships are open to adopting new ways of thinking in order to benefit their personal leadership.

Group Leadership Training with a Coaching Perspective

Arden’s professional coaches also provide group leadership training programs for your company’s teams that need to sharpen their communication confidence, interpersonal skills, and leadership knowhow. Arden’s Leadership Training Academy features dynamic programs that integrate group training and individualized coaching sessions for impactful results. Teams enroll as emerging leaders and graduate as leaders fully emerged and ready to better handle the challenges within their individual and team responsibilities.

If you’re located in Los Angeles and you think that your business could benefit from executive coaching, click here to get in touch with us. Arden’s coaches are backed by thousands of hours of coaching experience, so you can be sure that you’re receiving the best coaching for your company’s top performers!

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