Executive Coaching Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas should NOT stay in Vegas, at least not where your business is concerned.  Whether it’s a retreat you need facilitated, or an executive in search of coaching to take herself to the next level, we will handle your Las Vegas needs faster than a tourist loses fifty bucks at blackjack.


Executive Coaching

Executives seeking Leadership Coaching need personalized attention.  Our Certified Executive Coaches customize their approach and style to meet the needs of each executive.  Leaders report increased confidence and ability to relate to their teams more effectively as a result of our six month programs.  Our focus is on the communication and interpersonal skills it takes to lead, marrying increased awareness with actionable steps to increase your ROI from the Executive Coaching engagement.

Retreat Facilitation

Some of the most focused year-long initiatives can start in a conference room amongst the Las Vegas lights.  Gathering your leaders to discuss the company mission, a new initiative, or increase the level of teamwork amongst your colleagues is an important event.  Be sure to squeeze every last drop of value from your gathering by having the conversation facilitated by one of our professional, experienced Facilitators.   We not only help guide the conversation so you leave with what you came for, but we can unearth the things you didn’t even know were in the way of meeting your goals so they can be effectively addressed.  Retreat planning and post-retreat reports are included in our facilitation programs.


Gathering for a Las Vegas meeting that needs a boost of inspiration or expertise?  Our dynamic speakers will have your team ready to jump up and into action with their presentations on leadership that are tailored to your specific focus.

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