Management vs. Leadership: How They’re Different

They complement and contrast one another, and no role can function successfully without both of them. What are they? Management and leadership: Two concepts that are well-defined and separate yet interestingly connected.  Your job title might say high-up exec, but do your actions match those of a manager or a leader?

To make this assessment, you need to know how management and leadership differ. To help our executives do just that, Arden Coaching took a closer look at these two fundamental concepts of climbing the corporate ladder.

Fulfilling Objectives vs. Inspiring Action

The biggest distinction between management and leadership is a difference in focus between tactics and strategy.

Management is tactical, logistical, and geared toward a project’s end result. It’s about organizing procedures so you can produce an intended outcome.

Example: We need the product shipment to get here by Friday. We need Sally to reserve the space. We need Don and Jack to have the presentation done.

Leadership takes a step back to think about the big picture and develop a strategy. Its plan is driven by the company’s mission and vision. It’s about inspiring people to take action toward a common goal.

Example: The odds are against us for making this product reveal happen, but everyone pitching in would bring us closer to our goal of launching five new products in five cities this quarter, which would be not only a company record but also a record in our slice of the market.

Purpose Over Projects

Which of these examples are you more motivated to get behind? The difficult part in leading over managing is definitely setting a vision and motivating others. That’s because leadership demands a strategic mindset. You have to be able to look at your company and your industry and into the future to set goals and inspire others to get behind them.

Is your team inspired to do the work they do? If not, chances are you’re a high-level manager and not a leader.

Do You Manage or Do You Lead?

By expanding our views and connecting with one another, leading over managing enables us to stretch the potential of ourselves, our teams, and our companies. But most of us spend so much time caught up in the management aspects of our roles, in that day-to-day need-to-get-it-done mentality, that we miss out on the opportunity to lead.

Specialists in challenging executives to think in a new way and widen their mental purview, Arden coaches are incredible resources for those interested in bringing leadership to the forefront of their roles or changing their personal leadership strategy.

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