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How to Choose the Right Management Development Program for Your Team

Published Date: August 1, 2016 | Executive Coaching

Enrolling your team in a management development program can help them to build crucial leadership skills, feel more confident in their roles, and better contribute to the company. But with so many programs out there, knowing which one will provide the best return on your investment before training actually takes place can be difficult.

If you already know that your team would benefit from a program that stresses communication and interpersonal skill development, we recommend checking out the Arden Leadership Academy. Through a unique combination of group training and individualized coaching, our dynamic programs provide your organization’s rising leaders with the tools they need to take their leadership to new heights.

While on the lookout for the right team management development program, keep the following in mind:

It’s All About Objectives!

Choose the Right Management Development Program for Your TeamTo find the management development program that will yield the best results for your team, you have to know what you want them to walk away with once the training comes to a close. When you have intended goals for your management group, it’s easier to start evaluating different programs.

The second half of this entails being clear on the objectives that the management development program you’re considering says they’ll provide. What does each course work toward? People’s objectives are, well, objective, and everyone tends to have their own definition of what they may or may not mean.

Ask questions and dig deeper when a program says, for example, “We create better leaders.” What do they consider a leader? And how does their program go about accomplishing it?

Zero in on a Focus Area for Improvement

Leadership EBookThere are countless training areas within a huge topic like leadership. You want to pick a program that has a focus area or overarching goal that matches up with and makes sense alongside your team’s specific needs.

To see a well-thought-out focus area in action, take the Arden Leadership Academy’s concentration area for example. The academy’s programs are geared toward improving emerging leaders’ communication and interpersonal skills. Why? Because Arden has found that as an individual makes the transition from being a valued company contributor to someone who’s now responsible for others like them, their communication and interpersonal skills are almost always at a deficit.

Even those making the transition from manager of a few to the manager of many likely still lack the skills they need to really inspire and motivate others, think strategically, and establish their personal sense of leadership.

The Right Program Will Work with You to Find Out What Your Team Needs

Identifying what your team needs can be challenging, and management development programs are certainly not one size fits all. Those who enroll their teams in an Arden Leadership Academy course first participate in an initial discovery phase to ensure that everybody knows how to approach sessions and what it is they can work toward and look forward to once the program is finished.

Find out more about Arden’s Leadership Academy and why it works here.
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