3 Tips to Boost Team Creativity

Maybe you and your team are stumped on new ideas for an upcoming project or you’ve started to notice that your meetings don’t have the same level of energy and momentum that they used to. Whatever’s occurred, you feel as though your team’s creativity has gone out the window.

Don’t panic! There are ways to get it back, and Arden Coaching is here to help you get things underway. Check out our three must-follow tips for boosting team creativity below.

Tip #1: Understand That It’s Okay to Fail

Arden Executive Coaching | 3 Tips to Boost Team CreativityThere are a variety of reasons why your team has lost or has yet to find its communal sense of inspiration. The most fundamental creativity hurdles concern the current meeting environment. Does your team feel comfortable openly sharing their ideas? Do they know they won’t be scolded when they propose a new approach that’s not liked by everyone?

Remember, even though the wildest ideas may not be feasible or applicable, they can shape or lead to one that is. Failure is a natural part of creativity, so it’s important that your team knows it’s a welcome result no matter what. Make openly sharing ideas one of the ground rules for your meetings. This will give group members the confidence they need to freely contribute to the team.

Tip #2: Ask—Don’t Tell and Offer Your Support

Creativity is a fickle creature. A lot of times when we’re told to do something, our innovative switch flips from on to off. You can help your team get their creative juices flowing simply byasking them to come up with ideas instead of telling them to do so.

Asking instead of telling takes emotional intelligence. You need to be aware of how others perceive your instructions and gauge how the energy shifts in the room. Is your team excited about this project? What’s the general consensus?

You also want to make sure that you’re not demanding a solution and leaving your team to figure it out on their own. Take the time to help the group get started. Team creativity can only truly succeed when everyone is involved.

Tip #3: Make Brainstorming Fun!

Getting your team to let loose a little helps everyone release the anxiety they might have about sharing their own ideas. If you have very different personalities in your group, some that are quieter and keep to themselves and others that are more boisterous and tend to steal the spotlight, plan activities that everyone can enjoy, including opportunities to socialize outside of work. Giving team members the chance to bond plays a key role in booth boosting creativity during meetings and improving your team’s overall performance.

Team Creativity Is Just Around the Corner

Creativity is an invaluable force that can supercharge your team’s progress, but it takes vulnerability. The more you can do to help your team members feel comfortable opening up in the group, the better. Try these tips for boosting team creativity and productive, inspired meetings will be on your horizon!

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