The Value of Executive Coaching: in Business and in Life

Executive Business Coaching

Let’s pause for a moment and consider the big-picture benefits of executive business coaching. We don’t want to get too existential, but there is something deeper happening when people experience executive coaching. There are fundamental aspects of coaching that benefit you, and inspire us, in ways that go beyond running effective team meetings, managing employees, or getting your next promotion.

For most of us, the pandemic has been overwhelming and exhausting. At Arden Coaching, we’ve seen that it intensified a lot of things that were already happening with our clients, from work pressures to personal relationships. If you didn’t like your job before the pandemic, you probably liked it less during the past year. If you struggled with personal relationships before, the pandemic probably made it worse.

But the pandemic has also provided an opportunity to reflect and learn.

Do the math: we spend most of our waking lives working. Our executive business coaching starts there, and seeks to make that as great as possible — for you, your colleagues and employees, and your company. As executive coaches, we want to transform workplaces because we want to transform people. We want people to have the tools to help them have a better work and life experience.

How self-aware are you of your mindset, and the ways in which it shapes how you see the world? How strong is your ability to communicate with others? Your capacity to think strategically? Your skill at building and managing effective, positive relationships? How do you manage disagreements and conflict?

The better your leadership, relationship, and communication skills, the lighter, brighter, and more successful (in every sense of the word) your life.

At work, your company’s bottom line and the health and effectiveness of the company’s culture benefits. Your behaviors will be modeled by employees. They will see it, learn from it, and benefit from it. For more about what coaching is, read “What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Training.”

Coaching strengthens relationships with family and friends too. We are incredibly grateful for the tools of coaching in our day-to-day lives. Especially in the past year, they have helped maintain (or helped us regain more quickly) our perspective, a healthy attitude, and our ability to deal positively with our children, spouse, extended family, friends and neighbors — even dealing with the frustrations of poor customer service and errors in our cable bill!

The pandemic has reminded us how incredibly valuable these coaching tools are, every single day, in every single circumstance. We invite you to explore the value of executive coaching for yourself, your company leadership, and employees with high potential. You’ll be excited about the results!

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