How a Team Retreat Will Benefit Your Company

Before considering a retreat or offsite facilitation, you have likely gone over the potential Return On Investment. There’s no question that a retreat is a time and financial commitment. What you need, and what you are looking to get out of the event, are very important questions. So how do you answer those questions to determine your ROI?

Aside from providing an opportunity for team building exercises, there are several benefits that a retreat will directly offer your company.


  • Increased Effectiveness
    Retreats help to establish a higher degree of trust, which results in a smoother and more efficient operation of your team. Just imagine the impact that 10 leaders can have if they become 5% more effective following the retreat. These leaders are able to in turn increase the effectiveness of their team, and this filters down the entire organization. To this point, retreats often bring to light process glitches, and problem areas, that may have otherwise not been discussed.


  • Attention to Important but Not Urgent Issues
    In Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he outlines a time management matrix that resonates with workers everywhere. We often tend to accomplish “Urgent” issues in our work day due to their immediate relevance, regardless of their importance. On the other side, there are “Important” issues that go unaddressed because they don’t have a due date associated with them. Retreat settings allow these “Important but Not Urgent” issues to shift into focus. Giving this bracket of issues attention, and even teaching your team to manage their time in Covey’s fashion, will benefit your organization.


  • Improved Environment and Culture
    When a group gets together, their internal culture improves vastly. Small talk, group mingling and showing vulnerability are a few of the best ways to strengthen and build relationships. The retreat setting lends itself to team bonding and communication. Each member will enjoy their work a little bit more as a result. Retreats promote strong team dynamics that operate well, which cascades down to their respective teams.

The value of these items will leave a lasting mark on your team and offer a positive ROI for developing your company with a retreat. Learn more about offsite facilitations here.