Our Favorite Team-Building Activities in NYC

At Arden Coaching, we know that helping new and even longtime team members break the ice requires time and effort outside your day-to-day commitments. From scavenger hunts to city tours and tricky group challenges with locked doors, the following Arden guide will introduce you to three creative ways to bond with your team in NYC!

While these activities are not a substitute for talking through the group’s objectives or addressing internal team issues, adding them to your business conversations can help team members work toward building connections and trust.

Watson Adventures


The quirky details of our everyday surroundings make life light and fun, wouldn’t you agree? They’re also what happen to drive a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt through NYC. Since the early 1990s, Watson Adventures has been putting companies of all types and sizes on the hunt for a collective good time through their inventive and wittily motivating team building explorations.

From uncovering the secrets of Grand Central Station to embarking on a culinary investigation of Chinatown, identifying and tasting new foods as you build the clues to your next stop, there’s a variety of already written NYC adventures to choose from! Have Watson Adventures build one exclusively for your company or challenge your team to a city-wide quest.

Escape the Room NYC

Picture this, you and your team enter a room and the door shuts. At first glance, there’s nothing special about your surroundings, but as you hear the distant jingling of keys, reality hits. You have 60 minutes to Escape the Room.

A blank wall or a blank canvas? To solve this live-action puzzle, you and your group will need to use secret clues and hidden direction that’s right in front of you. Curiosity and imagination are your friend in this thrilling countdown challenge where success is earned through a well-thought-out strategy.

Will you be able to break out before 60 minutes is up? Get out in NYC and get locked in at Escape the Room! Order tickets on Escape the Room’s website. Their Downtown and Midtown locations put on themed lock-ins including a Victorian mystery whodunit, trapped in the theater, and Escape the 80s.

Museum Hack

Museum Hack takes a museum’s education-oriented setting and supercharges it with an exciting team-building experience. Active, engaging, and challenging, Museum Hack’s radical tour guides give your team the chance to see NYC’s most popular collections in a totally new light.

Using the museum’s artifacts and stories, the Museum Hack staff will create a custom journey for you and your team to explore, helping individuals to step outside their comfort zones, learn something new, and get to know one another. They can even make an industry-themed tour for your group that weaves your organization’s culture and values into each activity.

Which museum will be your team adventure stage? Contact Museum Hack today to talk about hosting a special team challenge in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, or the Brooklyn Museum.

Contact them through their website to see where your team’s scavenger hunt will take you!