How to Successfully Lead in the Midst of a Personal Crisis

Being able to successfully lead through a personal crisis is a true test of one’s leadership. Great leaders are great leaders because they know how to maintain their composure through the toughest parts of a storm, whether the winds originate from challenges at work or from challenges within.

Knowing how to successfully lead in the midst of a personal crisis can help you to be a more successful leader all around. Keep reading to find out what Arden’s coaches recommend.

Put Yourself First

The golden rule of leading during personal hardships is taking the time to take care of you. Identify what you need most in order to help yourself feel better, be it sleep, connecting with others, or private time, and make the push to make room in your schedule for healing.

Recognize but Don’t Be Run by Your Emotions

Arden Executive Coaching | How to Successfully Lead in the Midst of a Personal CrisisWhen serious personal matters are on our minds, it’s so easy for them to get us off track. The key to managing emotions during times of change is to recognize what you’re feeling but to not let your actions be ruled by your reactions.

When you get a scathing email, do you immediately write and send a reply that’s just as out of line? Most likely, the answer is no. Allowing your emotions but not acting on them is the equivalent of typing up what you’re feeling and what you’d like to say and then holding down the backspace key until you’re looking at a blank page again.

Applying this technique that lies at the core of meditation, allowing a thought to happen and then completely letting it go, will help you to keep your bearings when you’re working through times of supercharged emotion.

Delegate and Prioritize What You Can

When we’re dealing with personal issues, try as we may, our capacity does go down. If you know that you’re going through a rough patch, recognize that and take a realistic look at your workload. Delegate and prioritize what you know you’ll actually be able to accomplish and focus your energy on completing the priority work that only you can do.

Hint: Your revised workload will NOT be the same as what you’re able to get done when you’re feeling you’re best, and that’s okay! Don’t put more pressure on yourself to meet totally unrealistic standards. This is a big part of putting you first.

Share Enough to Get the Support You Need

To successfully lead while managing personal difficulties, it’s important to be honest with your team. We’re all human and tough times are part of life, so let your people know that you’re having a hard time and that you may not be able to make meeting X or need them to help out and go in your place, etc. Keeping your team informed is crucial to getting the support you need and getting back on your feet faster.

How Executive Coaching Can Help

Partnering with an executive coach can help you build out and strengthen your leadership toolkit so when challenges arise, you’re prepared to keep your chin up and acknowledge and seek the extra care you need to move forward.

Want to learn more about how executive coaching can take your leadership to the next level? Download our free eBook How Does an Executive Coaching Engagement Work? to find out how. This guide is chock-full of helpful information, including common reasons why executives seek a coach, our coaching methodology, and client testimonials.


Arden Executive Coaching | How to Successfully Lead in the Midst of a Personal Crisis