Just Breathe!

By Lyne Desormeaux, PsyD, PCC

Arden Executive Coaching | Just Breathe!Self -management during times of change is so important. There is just no other way around it. When one’s thoughts or emotions are running, we can derail pretty fast. But how do we train ourselves to allow the thoughts or feelings to flow through us rather than have to act on each one?

When I work with my clients on how to manage through change, I show them models of change, share with them stories of change and we explore how change is impacting their lives internally in organizations and/or externally in their personal lives. These of course are very helpful in raising awareness and giving them options for improving their approach to their situation. Often, though, what I find sticks with them the most are some specific tools that they take away and put into practice right away.

The research is there – doing meditation can lead to better creativity, focus, better relationships and less stress and anxiety. In order to get you started on what seems an intimidating process to many, I offer here a simple tool to start integrating meditation into your day for just 10 minutes/day!

I have just discovered one of these new tools. Friends of mine are using it, I’m using it and I’m also telling my clients about it: The Headspace App. It’s a simple, easy to use app that will enhance your creativity and focus while lessening your stress and anxiety. https://headspace.com/headspace-meditation-app

It’s easy to get distracted with everything that needs to get done. In the end, what I want for my clients are specific tools that will get them results. This is a simple one. With 10 minutes a day, that is all that is required, you can start to integrate some meditation into your self-care practices. So much can be resolved differently, if we just take a moment to breathe.

Why I love this App: When you open the Headspace App there is a short introduction giving you a couple of tips with animation. What is terrific about this App is that it gets you meditating right away. Before you know it with the help of “Andy” you have completed your first 10 minutes of meditation. The Headspace App has a section explaining how it works, gives you a tour, some support and has easy settings to set yourself reminders and mindful moments (messages to keep you mindful throughout the day). Once you have completed the 10 free meditations you can purchase a year subscription and/or keep repeating the 10 free meditations.

I’m not saying that changes will not keep happening, that the stresses are not going to mount, that the challenges to be worked through won’t be there. All I’m saying is that with a calmer body and mind, more centeredness, more acceptance for what is and more clarity, one may be able to be more present every day and tackle challenges differently.

Meditation can improve our self-management during change, as well as help increase our creativity, focus and centeredness all year long. Give it a shot! Let me know how it goes – contact me here.

To discuss this or other practical tools for managing through change, contact Lyne for a consult on your situation.
Arden Executive Coaching | Just Breathe!