Spring Cleaning: How to Keep Positive Energy in the Office

While you’ve been spring cleaning at home, have you thought about giving your office a spring cleaning as well?

No, we don’t mean organizing your desks or creating a chore wheel (although these things never hurt). We mean a once-a-year type cleanup that refreshes the office and restores positive energy in the company. Use this time of year to realign with company values, set clear expectations, and evaluate charitable contributions.


Dust Off the Posters

Does the poster on your wall accurately represent your company? Is it having an impact on your employees? This is a good time to find out if the members of the company even actually know the company values, and whether or not they live by them. If not, consider that this is a leadership issue. Don’t impose this on the fault of employees, but instead reevaluate how leadership approaches implementing company values, and promoting the mission and vision. Remember that people are more productive and happy when they personally align with the values of the company they work for.


Brush Up on Expectations

Positive energy is about moving in the direction where you receive positive feedback, which is derived from clear expectations. Discuss SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) so that employees always know what is expected of them. Additionally, work towards giving and receiving feedback more effectively to better communicate with your team.


Sweep the Focus on Earnings to the Side

People want to work somewhere that serves a purpose in society or know that the corporation has a larger goal than just making money. Consider department-wide participation in events or drives to get your employees involved and motivated. This works best if you choose a cause that means something to your business. For example, if you are a construction company, working with Habitat for Humanity may be appropriate. Find out what Arden chose to do with a percentage of annual earnings by reading our latest press release.


With these items in mind, keep your eye on the goal of maintaining a positive atmosphere in your office. Bringing aspects of values and expectations to light can help you spot potential problem areas and highlight opportunities for you to instill new programs or procedures. This is all part of building a strong foundation for your business to continue to scale and grow successfully.
Good luck with your spring cleaning!