SHRM Annual Conference: What you missed!

The Annual SHRM conference is always packed with action!

 This year the conference was in Washington, D.C. and hosted approximately 15,000 attendees.  Some of the best talks were Amy Cuddy, Harvard Social Psychologist, on how our body and mind are connected, and Sal Khan on his founding of the Khan Academy online.  Lots of inspiration to go around!

 Arden Coaching was there in full form: Maren led a Preconference Workshop to 100 spirited attendees on Coaching Skills for Conflict Resolution.  She covered a huge amount of ground in the four-hour workshop. 

Maren, Diane and Kathy were all at the Arden booth in the Expo hall as well.  They had hundreds of conversations about what’s going on in leadership nationally within companies of all sizes – exciting stuff!  Many people were particularly interested in the Arden Leadership Academy, offering cohort-based development training to groups within organizations.

 Next year the conference will be held in New Orleans, so get your tickets now! 

See you there!!