Peter James, PhD, MBA, PCC

Focus: Emotional Intelligence, Diversity, Transitioning to a New Role

Executive Coach/Facilitator

Arden Coaching

Dr. Peter James is a certified and credentialed business and leadership coach with over 20 years of experience partnering with organizations and individuals. He has worked with CEOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors, Boards of Directors, and Entrepreneurs on their journey to higher performance and their subsequent next level.

Peter has served as the catalyst and leader for successful sales, corporate education/training, and process redesign initiatives, with a proven track record in delivering value to all of the organizations in which he has served: as an officer in the US Army, Sales & Marketing at GlaxoSmithKline, his tenure as a Faculty Chair at a College of Business (DeVry University), and of course, his success as a credentialed executive coach.

Peter’s business expertise has been evident not only as a Business & Entrepreneurship Professor but also as an entrepreneur and owner of four businesses during his career. His diverse leadership background, experience, and education allow him to benefit the partnership with both executive coaching clients and organizations who desire to overcome roadblocks, obstacles, and hurdles that may be obstructing their progress and success. 

Peter’s goal is always to create remarkable outcomes in a client’s life, career, business, and organization. Through high-performance coaching, clients are not only able to deepen their learning, but also to heighten their performance, enhance their quality of life and realize their full potential. High-Performance coaching is grounded in the idea that all individuals (regardless of demographics) are capable of developing and improving their intellectual, emotional and creative capacities.

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Education and Certification

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Ph.D. in Organization & Management (Leadership Concentration)

MBA (Health Care Administration Concentration)

Certified Diversity Professional