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The Arden Coaching Leadership Academy

The Arden Leadership Academy delivers powerful, high-level training that elevates participants to new levels of leadership and productivity. By combining group training and one-on-one coaching, our program teaches participants new concepts and tools, helps them to address their personal skill gaps, and guides them as they implement what they’ve learned. By focusing on skill development alongside application, participants see the results of their new actions take shape in real time.

We offer dynamic leadership training programs to suit a variety of groups, including manager-level through more senior leaders, women leaders, emerging leaders, and of course, virtual colleagues. We adapt the content, based on level and needs of our clients.

What is Leadership Training?

Leadership training involves a structured educational process designed to equip individuals with the necessary abilities to become proficient and versatile leaders. An adept leader should have the capacity to motivate, inspire, and foster the growth of their team members, all while ensuring the team’s objectives align with the broader organizational goals. These training programs can be delivered through in-person sessions or online platforms, allowing participants the flexibility to learn at their preferred pace and schedule.

An exemplary leadership training initiative provides numerous advantages. It identifies and refines the competencies crucial for effective leadership. Selecting the appropriate training program can assist you in cultivating the skills required to propel your leadership career forward, including mastering:

  • Implement strategies
  • Foster team cohesion
  • Critically make decisions
  • Influence team members
  • Negotiate
  • Manage conflict
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase engagement
  • Decrease turnover
Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

Individual Benefits

Participants in the Arden Leadership Academy gain significant, sustained learnings that continue to resonate throughout their careers. They gain a deep self-awareness of their strengths, areas of opportunity, and behavioral patterns, as well as develop a personalized leadership training action plan for ongoing learning. They refine their communication skills and learn to work more productively in a team setting, as well as learn to align their own goals with the greater goals of the organization, leading to greater empowerment and career satisfaction.

Organizational Benefits

The Leadership Academy delivers a host of benefits for the greater organization, including stronger leadership skills and engagement, improved emotional intelligence, a better ability to handle difficult conversations and conflict, and new skills for coaching and developing their direct reports. Over the long term, organizations report sustained learning with tangible results, as well as significant positive cultural impact that echoes throughout the company.
Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

The Arden Leadership Academy Advantage

Our Leadership Academy program offers a level of unparalleled efficacy, thanks to our unique structure of pairing one-on-one coaching with group training. The DiSC assessment helps them understand their communication style and learn to flex for greater effectiveness in their tasks and relationships. During the course of the program, participants partner with our expert coaches to set goals.

We also leverage the power of group leadership learning, as participants take part in interactive leadership trainings to explore customized leadership topics and practice their new skills. In between sessions, participants have individual time with their coach to help integrate learnings and create a plan to apply new skills. This powerful combination of group training and one-on-one coaching helps participants quickly put their newfound competencies into action, making the Arden Leadership Academy a uniquely effective program.

Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

Knowing Yourself Is the Key to Development

Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

Gaining Skills Is Essential to Continued Improvement

Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

Actions Drive Results

Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

One-on-One Coaching Hones Key Skills

Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

Cohorts Extend Understanding and Create Bonds

Our Proven Curriculum

The Arden Leadership Academy begins with the individual, exploring what it means to be a manager or leader; defining individual style and exploring how to shift for greater facility with more people and situations; interacting more effectively with others, including emotional intelligence; communication, difficult conversations, and managing conflict; and developing the skills and capabilities of direct reports.

Training Modules

We offer exceptional on-site or virtual, half-day modules from our information-packed curriculum based on the goals of your organization. In these modules, participants are more than just individual participants; they form a cohort sharing leadership experiences, skills, and a new leadership vocabulary. The resulting camaraderie helps spread an outstanding leadership culture throughout your organization.

DiSC Assessment

This proven tool helps participants develop awareness of their behavioral differences to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. Our expert coaches provide individual guidance during the program to help participants apply the module learnings to their unique circumstances.

1:1 Coaching

Each participant works with their coach to create a personalized development plan that they will track against throughout the duration of the program. Together they integrate the themes and work from the group sessions into this unique plan, so that the learning is customized to their needs.

Program Timeline and Topics

We adapt the Leadership Academy program to the needs of each client, but most engagements last eight months and include four group training sessions and six private coaching sessions for each participant.

Our module leadership training topics can include: Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership, Skills for Embracing Difficult Conversations, Cultivating Innovation, Developing a Culture of Accountability, Key Communication Skills for Accelerated Performance, Coaching Skills for Leaders, and Creating Extraordinary Teams. Speak with us today to learn how we can customize a program for your organization’s unique needs.

Arden Executive Coaching | Leadership Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Leadership Training

What are the types of leadership training?
There are many different types of leadership training courses available, and the ones your organization chooses for its leaders depend on the challenges and needs of your organization, as well as the level of the individual leader. Some training programs focus on immersive, hands-on simulations and developmental experiences, while others are online-only courses that enable leaders to develop their skills from anywhere.
What are the recommended programs for different leadership levels?
The challenges and required skills for success vary at each level of the organization. Therefore, leadership courses and programs should be customized to address the current needs of leaders while also preparing them for future responsibilities.

  • For senior-level executives, we recommend the in-person Leading for Organizational Impact program, which focuses on enhancing their capabilities.
  • If you are seeking a training program for mid-level leaders, our Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is renowned worldwide and specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by those in middle management roles.
  • For frontline managers and new leaders, we suggest the online Frontline Leader Impact course or the Maximizing Your Leadership Potential program for high potentials.
  • Individual contributors without direct reports can develop the fundamental four leadership skills necessary for success through our online Lead 4 Success™ course.
  • Lastly, leaders at all levels can enhance their communication, feedback, and conversational skills by participating in our Better Conversations Every Day™ suite of leadership training solutions.
What is effective leadership training?
Successful leadership training is built upon thorough research and is highly personalized to address each leader’s specific challenges and strengths. The aim is to create a genuine impact and empower leaders to unleash their full potential. For a leadership course to be truly transformative, it should provide individualized attention and feedback, along with interactive and meaningful learning opportunities. Additionally, continuous support throughout the program is crucial to ensure long-lasting development for the participants.
What are the benefits of leadership training?

Leadership training offers a multitude of advantages, such as heightened self-awareness regarding strengths and weaknesses through personalized feedback from assessment data. It assists in establishing well-defined personal and professional development objectives with the guidance of a skilled executive coach. Moreover, participants have the opportunity to learn from peers who confront comparable challenges and become part of an alumni community that provides continuous support.

How do you choose the best leadership training program provider?

The most exceptional leadership training providers are those with decades of extensive research and practical experience in the field, having positively impacted the lives of countless leaders across all levels. At Arden, we take pride in our global network of over a million leadership program alumni and the numerous awards and accolades we have earned, solidifying our position as one of the world’s leading providers of top-notch leadership courses and programs.