How to Get Comfortable in Uncomfortable Settings: A Lesson in Personal Leadership

Wherever you are in your leadership development, there are always ways you can improve and get better. If you feel like something’s holding you back—stage fright, confronting superiors, having tough conversations with your team—it can be attacked head-on; you just need the will and a way to push through.

In the following post, Arden rounded up a little of each, will and a method by which to tackle your limiting situation. Check out our tips for how to get comfortable in uncomfortable settings.

Remember That Growth Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you were a kid, you might’ve dreaded learning to ride a bike. But you got up the courage and tried it. Maybe you weren’t so fond of it after all or you still bike ride to this day, but you survived that first training wheel–less run and you improved with practice and perseverance.

The same concept applies to conquering a personal leadership challenge. While everything about the situation makes you want to run in the other direction, the only way to make yourself better at it is to expose yourself to it more.

And stay positive! Consider the opportunity for growth and unlocking new potential not one where possible failures wait on the other side.

Make Something Familiar Out of the Strange

Diving into a situation that’s new or uncomfortable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare. In actuality, you’ll probably be inclined to overprepare and that’s okay. The more things about your challenge that you can make familiar, the easier it will be to get through.

Let’s take public speaking for example. Familiarizing yourself with the room and the acoustics ahead of time will give you added confidence when an issue that comes with the territory arises, like someone in the back not being able to hear you.

Have a particularly scary meeting coming up? Have a colleague you trust attend it with you if possible or talk out your points with them beforehand.

For more ways to boost your confidence and keep your cool during a presentation, check out these 5 public speaking survival tips.

Stretching Your Leadership Potential Starts Now

At one time or another, leaders are tasked with taking on challenges they aren’t prepared for. It’s important to remember that stretching your leadership potential is an ongoing process that takes time, perseverance, and patience. Making the conscious effort to do so and employing others to support you and hold you accountable is key.

With experience comes confidence, and after setting your fears aside and realizing that you can survive the challenge, uncomfortable situation, or conversation, you’re on your way to a better you!

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