Combine Group Training with Individual Coaching for Exceptional Results: The Arden Leadership Academy

When CEOs, senior executives, and organizational leaders hear the term “team training” they often think in terms of conventional project teams, cross-departmental teams, and virtual teams.

But aren’t director-level managers, members of senior management, regional vice presidents, and board directors “teams” too? These groups, as well as women leaders and individuals throughout your organization identified as emerging leaders, can benefit tremendously from training and coaching delivered to teams, or more accurately, to cohorts.

When you stop to consider it, these individuals actually form cohorts within your organization already — people with shared experiences, skill sets, responsibilities, and expectations. It’s critically important to your organization that they be the most effective executives and leaders possible, and that they all be pulling in the same direction. Arden Coaching’s Leadership Academy (ALA) was designed with groups like these, as well as conventional teams, in mind.

ALA delivers a unique two-tier approach which combines group training modules — based on learning topics selected to address your highest priorities  with individual, one-on-one executive coaching. Bringing advanced group training and individual coaching to these “teams” within your organization generates impressive results and elevates groups and teams to the next level of leadership and executive development.

ALA’s two-tier process offers new concepts and tools to help individuals identify and address their personal gaps in leadership, and provides them with the ability to implement what they’ve learned. In a group environment, skill development is immediately applied — individuals see the tangible results of their new behaviors and actions in real time. Learn more about Arden Leadership Academy’s process and approach.

Demand High-Performance Outcomes for Group Training

Group training for director-level, senior management, and emerging leader cohorts can, and should, have a significant impact – individually, at the team/group level, and systemically. In any group training at this level, there are several key benefits you should insist on:

Group/Organizational Benefits

  1. Increased group leadership skills
  2. Higher levels of group engagement
  3. Improved levels of communication
  4. Elevated group productivity
  5. Sustained learning with tangible results
  6. Retention of highly desirable group/team leaders
  7. Positive cultural impact that goes beyond the immediate participants

Individual Benefits

  1. An enhanced, deep self-awareness of strengths, areas of opportunity, thinking, and behavior patterns
  2. A personalized leadership action plan
  3. Individual goals aligned to that of the organization
  4. Effective communication with colleagues and clients
  5. Improved ability to work productively in group and team settings
  6. Sustained learning

To learn more about the Arden Leadership Academy, team training, and executive coaching, contact us at [email protected] or 646.844.2233.