Bryan Nadeau, PCC

Executive Coach

Focus: Strategic Planning, Advanced Leadership Skills, High Performing Culture, Clear and Effective Communication  

Bryan is an Executive Coach helping executives build, grow, and retain their human capital which is vital for success. Through strategic planning, building high performing executive teams, and having a cohesive organizational culture, companies are able to have clear direction, aligned executive team, and engaged employees.

Helping leaders, managers, and up-and-coming talent develop and expand new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors for career success and performance gains. When Bryan connects with clients, he develops untapped potential and identifies areas for growth and development. In his leadership practice, Bryan’s approach consistently leads clients to identify actions that lead to immediate impact, sustainable change and measurable results.

Bryan’s leadership experience is both professional and personal. From entrepreneur in video production, to team lead in a large organization, he knows professional transition. Personally, he has seen and enjoyed leadership growth, its opportunities and challenges that come with transition change.

Bryan brings decades of health care industry experience, technical knowledge, flexibility, and awareness to his leadership practice. In working with Senior Level Executives facing change, Bryan provides strategic insight, objectivity, creative solutions, and the ability to see the big picture, as well as attend to the details. He builds strong client relationships and develops individual programs tailored to each Executive’s needs.

When you work with Bryan, you identify your strengths, challenge your potential, seize growth opportunities, address areas for development, bring clarity to your vision, and execute on that vision. He works with clients on everything from influence, communication style, strategic planning, engaging employees, career development, and corporate culture. Bryan is also able to develop and drive effective team dynamics while cultivating and building a culture of trust and respect that allows for teams to excel in their purpose.

Bryan sees the whole picture and the whole person. He helps you address your personal and professional needs and requirements, to enhance your ability to lead with greater influence and impact.

Bryan has a BA from Oklahoma State University, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation, Certified Professional Coach from Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, as well as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).

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