You Are Not Alone

By Deborah Howard, MSOD, JD, PCC. If you have been experiencing unfamiliar feelings of inertia, fatigue and a sense of purposelessness, you are not alone. So many of my clients have been expressing these feelings and believe that they are the only ones having this experience. Often, they wonder what is wrong with them. Nothing is wrong with them. They, like you, are living in a challenging, distressing time. Living under COVID for over a year has dramatically impacted our lives.

The impact of this epidemic is more than simply having to wear masks and work from home. It has left people separated from family members and living with a great deal of anxiety. Those of us who live alone may feel socially isolated and suffer from a lack of physical, social and emotional connection. Others of us who are working from home with their family members also at home, may feel suffocated with no time or space for themselves. And those of us who are parents are having to cope with work and home schooling at the same time. Compounding these feelings for many is their belief that they alone are having these feelings of apathy, fatigue and a sense of being directionless.  

If you are grappling with these feelings, understand that they are totally normal considering the context in which we have been living. For some of us, simply knowing that our feelings are normal can result in relief. For others of us, seeking help and support is important. Most important is not to remained isolated and be sure to find ways to connect with others and find professional help if needed.

You are not alone.

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