Why Our Program Works

What sets the Arden Leadership Academy apart?
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  • Effective and efficient training
  • Multi-layered learning
  • World-class coaches deliver all content
  • Team Innovation Projects™
  • Tailored content to meet your needs
  • Focus on producing tangible results
  • Partnership with your sponsors: we’re great to work with!
  • Cost effective

The Arden Leadership Academy Advantage

Through profound partnership with you prior to the start of the Academy, our experts assist you in identifying the outcomes you really need, and recommend the most effective and efficient content and structure to deliver those outcomes

Knowing Yourself is the Key to Development

Through the DiSC assessment, leaders gain deep awareness of their communication and behavior styles and learn to adapt their own style for greater effectiveness across a broader range of tasks and relationships.

Gaining Skills is Essential to Continued Improvement

Delivered on-site, these half-day trainings gather your whole group together for an interactive workshop on leadership topics designed for your specific needs.

Actions Produce Results

Between trainings, the participants get individual time with our experienced coaches to help them integrate the learning to their specific situation and create tangible actions to apply the material in a personalized way.

Working in Teams Puts Learning in Action

In small teams, participants work on projects for the good of the company: innovative ideas they create and then must research possible implementation strategies and implications.

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Participants in this training form strong understanding of and relationships with one another.  This wave of a new culture can transform your organization as they carry it to their fellow employees.

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