What Does Your Sense of Being Say About You?

Ultimately, your success in business is always going to come down to who you are in person, not what you are on paper. A polished résumé or stellar cover letter might get your foot in the door, but if you can’t bring these qualifications to life with your own sense of personality and passion, your own sense of being, forward momentum will always be out of reach.

At Arden, we work to provide our clients with an objective, outside lens to help them understand the behaviors they project day in and day out. In this post, we’re going to review some facets of self-awareness and your sense of being and how they might affect how others perceive you as a person, colleague, and leader.

Mood & Confidence Level

If you love the way you look and who you are, it tends to show on the outside. And when your self-confidence is high, you’re able to express what’s on your mind clearly and be all in during a conversation or discussion. A lot of aspects factor into your confidence level, but against all odds, a positive outlook will take you the farthest.

Take a minute to think about how you come across to your team. Do you think they see you as moody or upbeat? What actions can you take to move this meter in more of a positively fueled direction?

How You Show Up

How you show up is a big part of what your actions say about you. Do you arrive on time to meetings, with your agenda prepped and points you’d like to go over in your mental docket, or do you leave people waiting while scrambling at the last minute to put everything in order?

People are going to be quicker to look up to or rely on someone who’s buttoned up and on time. The guy who leaves his prep work to the last minute? He’s more likely to seem careless, flustered, or stretched too thin.

Your World View

The qualities of who you are in the world and what you’re motivated by speaks volumes about what kind of worker, individual, and person you are. What do you stand up for? How do you respond to others who express a need?

Leaders often have to look at their business’ strategy, mission, and vision from a bird’s-eye view and evaluate what needs to be done to get closer to attaining or living by these overarching sentiments and goals. If you could write your own personal mission statement for who you are, what would it be? Now, the harder question is, are you living it or avoiding it like a poster on the wall?

Take Your Sense of Being to the Next Step

We hope this post helped get your self-awareness wheels turning! If you’re interested in taking a closer look at your strengths and weaknesses and using this knowledge to advance your personal leadership, reach out to Arden Coaching for a personal needs assessment today.