5 Ways Executive Coaching Engages and Retains Employees

You want to be sure that your employees are happy at your company so they stay for a while and are productive, yielding the best results. When an employee leaves, the company loses a lot of continuity and efficiency, and the cost to replace them is high.

Eighty percent of people leave a company because of their boss, so being a respectable leader will help you to retain more employees. Executive coaching can help leaders be more effective in the workplace and engage employees so they want to stay with the company.

360-degree review: Executive coaching programs typically begin with a 360-degree assessment that helps executives see themselves as others perceive them. By identifying an executive’s behaviors, they will be more in tune with their actions and therefore more likely to change them. It’s often difficult for someone to step back and realize their own patterns and habits, but as the coach acts as a mirror, the executive becomes more aware of what they do.

Arden Executive Coaching | 5 Ways Executive Coaching Engages and Retains EmployeesInterpersonal skills: As an executive works on improving interpersonal skills through executive coaching, the employees will start to notice. The executive will improve on their listening skills and become interested in the employees as well as what they have to say. The executive will also exhibit more manners on a day-to-day basis with improved interpersonal skills. When an executive is more respectful as a leader, employees may take a more positive approach to their work and interactions and want to be part of the company.

Show an interest: An executive who’s aware of their behaviors, who’s more positive in the workplace, and who builds strong relationships will be more interested in their employees as a result. Millennials are becoming a large part of the workforce, and they want to work at companies where they can see themselves growing. They’re driven and determined to move up in the company and want their bosses to show an interest in them. If they don’t see opportunity to grow, they will leave.

Be clearer:When an executive improves on their communication skills, they become clearer with their direct reports. Being able to clearly communicate with employees will help to engage employees more because they understand what they’re supposed to do. When employees understand their roles and responsibilities, they’re more inclined to enjoy being with the company and stay there longer.

Be reliable: To engage and retain employees, the leader of the company must be reliable. Employees need to be able to trust their leaders or they will be hesitant to invest their time or effort in the company. Executive coaching helps executives to be open and honest with their employees and communicate the truth at all times, even when it might be difficult.

These are some of the ways that executive coaching engages and retains employees. Find out how executive coaching can help your executives improve on their skills and be more effective as leaders.

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Arden Executive Coaching | 5 Ways Executive Coaching Engages and Retains Employees