Vision and Leadership Will Lead You to Greatness

Happy Birthday today to Astronaut Buzz Aldrin!


The first priority, as always, is real vision and leadership at the top. It is time we sailed the sea of space once more with bold, expansive vision. To achieve this we need strong leaders, for to sustain a growing and momentous effort in space will require that we reject a defeatist mentality that mires us in second place. That if needed we sail against the wind. ~ Buzz Aldrin


Buzz Aldrin has always been a true leader and visionary. Born in Montclair, New Jersey in 1930. His father who was a colonel in the US Air Force encouraged his interest in flying and Aldrin went on to become a fighter pilot in the Korean War. He was elected by NASA in 1969 to make history by being one of the first men to step foot on the moon on July 20th as part of the Apollo 11 Space Mission.

Aldrin continues to achieve greatness in his life. He holds three U.S. Patents for a modular space station, reusable rockets, and multi-crew modules. He has founded a non-profit devoted to advancing space exploration, education and affordable space flight. He has written several books and continues to make several public appearances.

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