What is the Value of Executive Coaching?

An executive coaching program will help your executives become even more valuable parts of your company. Your coach will help the executives understand their own patterns, habits, and interactions with others. In helping them determine their own actions, the coach can help the executives tweak these actions to improve their behavior. The coach will provide the executives with the tools necessary to improve their skills to be more effective leaders.

Learn more about the value of executive coaching and how it can affect your company.

Communication Skills

Moving up to a different position in the company requires a different set of skills, and the executive’s communication skills must be fit for their new role. Through executive coaching, executives will learn how to be more effective when communicating with other employees and peers. They’ll improve their listening skills and learn how to work with their employees rather than being demanding or coming off as rude.

Interpersonal Skills

Arden Executive Coaching | What is the Value of Executive Coaching?The coach and executive will work on improving the executive’s interpersonal skills, allowing them to build and nurture relationships within the company. Strong interpersonal skills will also help the executive be clearer with their direct reports. When the executive improves his or her interpersonal skills and strengthens relationships within the company, employees typically have more respect for the executive as well as others. These strong relationships allow employees to be more productive in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence

As an executive moves into a different role, it’s important that their emotional intelligence is up to par. They will need to have sharp social effectiveness and be able to perceive the emotions of others as well as manage their own emotions. The executive will learn how to read the room, person, and situation when they’re in a meeting or event in order to react appropriately.


As an executive working through the training program, the tools and skills that they will learn will allow them to be more productive in the workplace as a leader. Because executives are in charge of handling many different aspects of the business, they need to learn how to be as efficient as possible so they can make the most of the time they spend in the office.

Long-Term Results

At the beginning of the training program, the executive will go through a 360-degree assessment to understand employee feedback on their effectiveness within the company and how they’re perceived. These results will be discussed with the executive, and a development plan will be created with specific actions. By working with the coach to uncover the underlying issues of their behaviors, executives can understand what causes their actions. When executives understand why they behave a certain way, they can tweak their behaviors and be more effective as leaders.

The value of executive coaching can be identified by the improved skills that the executive obtains and how they apply it to their everyday roles.


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