4 Ways to Turn a Manager into a Leader

4 Ways to Turn a Manager into a Leader: Many businesses look to promote from within their company when they need a high-level executive. In most cases, they have an individual in mind whom they trust and see potential in but would like to see them improve in a few areas or gain leadership skills to better fit into the role. Through executive coaching, individuals gain awareness about themselves and learn what actions will allow them to create real results.

An executive coach can help to turn your manager into a leader by helping them to determine the habits and patterns that they can improve on. The executive will gain communication and interpersonal skills needed to perform effectively in that role.

Employee Development

A leader will focus on developing the people below them. While a manager will work on organizing the tasks and completing projects, a leader will work at inspiring the people in the company. By motivating and challenging their employees, the leader will develop employees for their next roles. This is beneficial for the employees as well as the company as a whole because the employees will be well-equipped for their responsibilities.

Strategic Thinking

A leader must possess a greater level of strategic thinking to benefit the company. At the top of the company, the leader will need to create the vision for the organization and think long-term. While a manager will follow the direction from the executives above them, leaders will set that direction.

Executive Presence

One way to turn a manager into a leader is to increase their level of executive presence. Leaders carry themturning a manager into a leaderselves with confidence and look the part. How an executive dresses and even the way their office looks has an effect on employees and can make a huge difference about whether they’re seen as a leader. Executives should examine the way they dress, their hair, and their style of speaking to determine what can be improved on or altered.


A manager follows the rules and direction that are laid out by their bosses, but a leader is the one who holds all the responsibility. If a manager ends up making a mistake or failing, they can attribute it to the direction that they received from another person. However, a leader is responsible whether they succeed or fail.

Executive coaches will work with your executives to establish the habits that will take them from manager to leader. During the engagement, the coach and the executive will work together to create personalized goals and determine the tangible actions needed to reach those goals.

If you’re interested in turning a manager in your company into a leader, executive coaching can help them with the Leadership Down The Lineskills, motivation, and confidence needed to perform in that role. Arden Coaching is a confidential engagement that’s tailored to the executive to improve their skills and help them become a more effective leader. Click here to set up a consultation with an experienced Arden coach.

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