Top Corporate Catering Companies in Seattle

Whether you need an elaborate plated meal for a client visit or an energizing boxed lunch for brain fuel during team training, the following Seattle-based corporate catering companies go above and beyond when it comes to flavor, presentation, and service!

Keeping reading to discover Arden Coaching’s roundup of the top corporate caterers serving Seattle. 

Cameron Catering

You can count on the full-service catering company Cameron Catering for the solutions you need for a successful corporate meal, from delectable bites to full-blown buffets. By combining ingredients from the Pacific Northwest with inspiration from around the world, the Cameron Catering menu is sustainable with no shortage of flavor.

From succulent Mediterranean skewers to from-scratch Macarons in your company colors, Cameron Catering’s supreme attention to detail and creativity undoubtedly shine through, whether you need a special meal for 15 or dinner during a high-attendance gala for 500.

To get in touch with Cameron Catering to discuss your custom corporate menu, call 206-781-8149 or fill out the event form on their website. 

Duos Catering

Despite their title, Duos Catering does many more than just two things great. Call on them to throw your annual company party or setup, serve, and break down a mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as they can multitask with purpose. And their gastro-inspired menus bring expertly developed, 5-star flavors to your conference room or company café.

Duos even offers menu spreads with a dual purpose. Like the Waffle and Biscuit Station that allows grazers to choose their base: Belgian-style waffles or cheddar chive biscuits, and go sweet with trimmings like fresh mixed berries and whipped cream or savory with toppers like fried chicken and sausage gravy.

Head to the Duos Catering website to see the rest of their menus, submit a request with event details, or give them a call at 206-452-2452. 

Seasoned in Seattle

Who says corporate catering should be bland? Seasoned in Seattle creates color-filled plates and pizazz on the palate and they’ve been doing so for over 15 years, making them seasoned catering pros. Whether you need the whole nine yards, including décor and service, or a simple pickup option or delivery run, catering recipients rave about Seasoned in Seattle’s ability to create delicious food that makes a statement.

Seasoned has many favorite themed buffets and boxed lunches, including their signature Pacific Northwest Power Lunch that features a tantalizing spread of protein-packed salads and sandwiches using organic and local ingredients. Or try their Caribbean BBQ for the smoky, spicy, and sweet flavors of Jerk Chicken, Pineapple Braised Pork, and Coconut Chicken Satay.

Contact Seasoned in Seattle for your next post-meeting meal, company celebration, or collective colleague craving at 206-723-5596.

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Not all caterers are created equal. When it comes to aligning your vision with what’s on the plate, these three catering companies in Seattle stand high above the rest. Call them for your next meal or event; you’ll be glad you did!