Top 3 Corporate Catering Services in Atlanta

On the lookout for a local catering company to bring chef-prepared eats to your Atlanta business? You’ve come to the right place!

To help our Atlanta-based businesses track down the best corporate catering services in the area, Arden’s coaches did a bit of research. For top-notch quality and service, check out our favorite Atlanta catering companies listed in alphabetical order below.

Art of Food Catering

The saying “people eat with their eyes first” is at the forefront of Atlanta-based catering company Art of Food Catering’s business model. Art of Food’s chefs double as experienced food designers, as each cup, plate, or bowl they prepare is its own work of art, creating a catered meal that’s sure to impress.

With breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, there’s tons to choose from on the Art of Food menu. For a memorable morning meal, their Stuffed Biscuit Breakfast, in which fresh savory ingredients fill a southern favorite, is highly recommended. One filling variation features golden-baked biscuits plumped with egg, green-onion fried chicken, and pepper jack cheese.

Art of Food buffets also champion presentation and taste like their Poultry with Pizzazz spread that includes an array of classic chicken dishes such as Chicken Piccata, Marsala, and Parmesan cooked, plated, and garnished to perfection.

To get in touch with Art of Food for corporate catering, call 770-396-6627.

Carlyle’s Catering

With 40 years in the catering biz and counting, members of the Carlyle’s Catering team run a wildly efficient, expert-level operation. Carlyle’s splits their offerings into Everyday and Event catering. Everyday options include gourmet hot breakfast, boxed lunches, deli platters featuring Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, a wide selection of gourmet hot entrees and sides, and to-die-for homemade desserts that are sure to please.

Custom event offerings take homestyle Southern cuisine to a new level with upscale hors d’oeuvres, premium cuts of meat such as grilled steak with fresh made chimichurri sauce, and hot, fresh baked desserts like their famous peach cobbler.

Whether you go the Everyday or Event menu route, all Carlyle’s Catering meals and spreads are chef created, assembled with care, and delivered and set up by their dedicated, professional, and friendly service team.

Call Carlyle’s to place your catering order at 404-872-4231.

Joy Café

In her travels abroad, the executive chef of Joy Café had a special realization that spurred the founding of her Atlanta café and catering company: the joys of family recipes and from-scratch cooking know no cultural bounds. These experiences in addition to Joy’s time spent training in her grandmother’s kitchen sum up the dishes she creates that source inspiration from rural Italy and South Georgia.

Time-honored recipes with an international twist make exceptional plates and platters for your upcoming corporate event. A scrambled egg meal that comes with housemade ginger sausage and Joy’s famous hand-rolled honey butter biscuits is just one mouthwatering line item on the Joy’s Café catering menu.

Hot appetizer options include Joy’s homemade tomato soup in shooter form served with crispy pimento cheese croutons, Southern style meatballs, and many more.

For corporate catering orders, contact Joy via email at [email protected].

Have Your Atlanta Business Lunch or Event Catered by the Best!

Whether you’re looking to treat your executive team, a visiting client, or your whole company, keep these 3 Atlanta-based catering services on speed dial for supreme service, stellar quality, and stunning presentations!