Time to Hit the Reset Button?

By Dr. Nicole LaBeach, PCC. Look around. What do you see? Absolutely, COVID has been a nightmare for us all. And, now more than ever, we have to take stock of where we are and the view we see. Not withstanding the obvious, do you like what you see? If not, why not? If not, how long has that been your scenery, your backdrop, your reality? 

With things-to-do lists, expectations, COVID, and responsibilities, the willingness to open our eyes and assess the life we’re living can be easily displaced. Living on an accelerated sense of overdrive, it’s easy to forget part of our leadership and personal responsibility includes stopping, opening our eyes, and taking note of our present state. No matter how tempting it is to make it more complicated, two simplicities occur when we live and lead with our eyes wide open: we get to practice appreciation for the things we like and ponder change for those we don’t. For our likes, wisdom invites us to steward the view with hope, gratitude, inspiration, presence, and contentment. For the flip side of the coin, we’re invited to engage action, decision-making, problem solving, to avert denial, regret, or even unhappiness.

The funny thing is, no matter the view, pleasant or unpleasant, we can’t live or lead a life that matters with closed eyes. Why? Leading and serving in and on purpose requires we accept the ultimate gifts of sight — Choice and Chance. The choice to change and the chance to do so! Living with eyes wide open gives us our best chance to be light and give it away. So, let’s not wait for another New Year’s resolution or further crisis to force our hand on taking an inventory of where we are. Instead, let’s identify areas that need a new direction and press the reset button to activate the needed shift.

With true leadership and ownership of where you are and where you want to be, these five considerations are sure to change the landscape and manifest a greater desired result:

  1. Perspective is Key. When we embrace an empowered perspective, we accept we have everything we need and we’re the right one for the change. In that stance, we need to embrace and accept perspectives that promote the ability to change our circumstance. As the saying goes, the person who thinks they can and the one who thinks they can’t are both right for the same reason — their perspective fuels their reality.
  1. To Move, You Have To Move! Simply put, you will never move beyond what you see if you choose not to actually move. Every single move counts! Each move works together to create momentum toward your destination, so dare to take a first step and add more steps as you go.
  1. Accountability is a Difference Maker. The best of intentions risk falling short when there is no accountability. Your goals deserve the best strategic approach and accountability is sure to maximize your achievement. Empower one or two people to hold you accountable to the needed change you’ve declared and the actions it will require. Remember, Advocacy + Action = Results.
  1. Process is Inevitable. In most cases, true change requires some level of process to be sustainable. Accepting process as an inevitable part of the journey, you can successfully manage yourself and your expectations. Embracing versus fighting against the process will help you best leverage your time, energy, and resources toward your desired outcomes.
  1. You’re Worthy to Receive. Yes, your service is always a value to others but you are also worthy of receiving! So, why not you? You’re valuable and deserving. And, when you know you’re worth it, you can freely give yourself permission to use healthy boundaries and actions to attract blessings along the way.

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Self-reflection and review are critical to personal and leadership growth. Thanks for the helpful thoughts to consider about “hitting your reset button” Nicole!