Three Tips to Keeping Your Employees Happy

Happy employees are more likely to stick with your company long-term, expand within their roles, and advance your organization. If you’re not following Arden Coaching’s tips below, you need to be. And if you already are, dedicate time to evaluating your current practices and doing what you can to bring them to the next level. Your employees will thank you for it!

Tip #1: Provide Your Employees with Regular Feedback

Think about how often a given member of your department receives feedback on his or her performance. Is it once a Arden Executive Coaching | Three Tips to Keeping Your Employees Happyweek, once a month, or longer?

In any role, new or old, regular feedback is what keeps employees engaged, challenged, and forging ahead. Receiving lots of feedback from several sources helps employees to better evaluate their performance, develop relationships with their colleagues, and stay motivated toward improvement.

Without this routine encouragement and direction, employees are likely to feel lost within their positions and have a harder time producing work that’s in line with what you’re after. Whether it’s in the format of a structured review session, more informal conversation about difficulties and triumphs, or ideally both, make sure that you provide your employees with plenty of feedback and direction.

Tip #2: Create a System for Upward Feedback and Regularly Respond to It

Employees should always feel as though their voices can be heard at your company. Unfortunately, many organizations are so focused on the work at hand that they forget about creating and maintaining these essential opportunities.

Make sure that your company has an outlet available online or a designated suggestions collection through your HR department where employees can make requests and put in their two cents. But this tip is two-fold: The system only works if you respond to the requests that channel through in a professional and timely manner.

These items need to move forward, whether that’s fulfilling a special request for supplies, executing an idea for your company to volunteer at a community event, or helping an employee connect with another department. If your company can’t carry out an employee request, be proactive in taking the necessary steps to provide an alternative solution.

Tip #3: Establish the Supervisor-Employee Relationship

Having a contact to confide in, connect with, and look up to as a mentor and leader keeps employees invested in their work and helps them know that they’re a valuable part of your team.

When supervisors fail to establish this important connection, employees are more likely to feel more like a number than a hard-working contributor and advocate for your company.

When the door for communication is open, employees can express their strengths and struggles, helping their supervisor intuit their specific areas for improvement. With this information in mind, supervisors can do a better job of providing their employees with the right resources and training that will help them grow personally and professionally.

Keeping your employees happy is an ongoing initiative that should become part of your company’s culture, and establishing this proactive culture starts at the top. To learn more about how an executive coaching partnership could help your employees and your organization advance well beyond your expectations, contact the experts at Arden Coaching today.

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