The Power of Positive Thinking: How Having a Can-Do Attitude Can Influence Your Team

In the workplace, positivity is a force for good that can go a long way. Explore the power of positive thinking below as we outline how a can-do spirit can have a delightfully contagious, team-wide impact.

Taking a Pulse

Take a moment to think about the best boss you’ve ever had. Why did you enjoy working for them?

Most people respond to this question in a similar manner. Their best boss had an infectious personality; he or she was a clear communicator, an all-around positive person.

When asked to describe their best boss, people never say things like, “Oh yeah, he or she was really negative all the time, criticized me, berated me…” Those are things that make up bad leaders, no? Effective leaders are motivators; they make their teams feel good to help them reach and exceed their true potentials.

How Positivity Comes into Play

The fact of the matter is, it’s difficult to feel good when you find yourself in a negative work environment. Upping stress, shutting off communication, and turning team members against one another, negativity can be debilitating to forward momentum. By thinking positively in your day-to-day initiatives and challenges, you can instantly inspire and push your team to do the same. Here’s how positivity…

  1. Encourages Creativity

Sharing your optimism with your team has a door-opening effect. Leaders who embrace positivity can instantly open Influence Your Teamthe lines of communication between them and their team members. As a result, teams can think more creatively; they aren’t afraid to share their ideas with one another or go out on a limb with a thought that critical leaders wouldn’t tolerate. This makes it easier to explore alternative solutions to problems and find more effective ways of handling the task at hand.

  1. Boosts Productivity and Growth

Bad moods block good thoughts and often come with their fair share of distractions and stress, which makes it that much harder to work on what’s on your plate.

But when our brains thinking positively, we can reach an optimal level of focus and engagement. We’re more energetic, driven, and less stressed. Plain and simple, we get more done in less time.

With this enhanced level of productivity, positive thinkers are more encouraged to go above and beyond in the quality of work that they produce. They also have more time to pursue their own professional development.

  1. Helps Facilitate Relationship Building

 A fearful or uninspired office environment causes people to retract and keep to themselves instead of extend and be social. Positive, supportive surroundings help team members have the confidence to come out of their shells. This makes it easier for colleagues to forge friendships, ask important, process-improving questions, and better enjoy the work that they do as a team.

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