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Nora Infante


Nora Infante, Psy.D.

Executive Coach/Facilitator

Focus: Critical and Strategic Thinking, Relationship Management, Global Perspective

Education and Certification

Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA

“Nora helped me to see that I also have strengths that are valuable to my company and was able to pinpoint the areas that got in the way of my success. I would highly recommend her. ”

— Q.T., Vice President, Sales

With a strong background in the behavioral sciences and international business and over fifteen years of experience, Nora is recognized for her proficiency in senior executive coaching, assessment, and integration in a wide array of industries including Fortune 100 companies in financial services, banking, health care, pharmaceutical, software development, education, hospitality, manufacturing, law and architecture.

Nora has designed and implemented a variety of coaching programs aimed at helping individuals achieve their highest potential. Her coaching is based upon the proven principle that certain character traits are core to one’s career and personal success, can be learned by anyone and can be tangibly measured. These traits include critical thinking, emotional expression, impulse control, assertiveness, accountability, strong interpersonal relationships, clarity of communication, empathy and compassion, stress tolerance, resilience and mindfulness.

Nora’s coaching methods prepare executives for leadership roles without sacrificing their competitive edge. Her clients have described her as a keen listener, practical, perceptive, empathetic, insightful and inspirational.

A licensed psychologist, Nora was born in Argentina and raised in Mexico City. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has conducted a significant amount of coaching in Latin America. She has unique understanding and perspective in areas requiring cross-cultural skills.

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