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Jason Heard

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Heard, BS

Chief Financial Officer

Education and Certification

BS, Psychology – Santa Clara University

Jason’s experience as a financial professional spans 20+ years with a diverse range of clients from the legal industry, oil & gas, medical, public relations, non-profits and the hotel industry.

His focus in on improving financial efficiencies, increasing the bottom-line and streamlining the accounting processes for his clients.

Jason has been an independent consultant, the CFO of an oil & gas company, the COO of a real estate law firm and a financial advisor with American Express.

Not long after college, Jason spent two years living and working in the south of France for a software company (one of his clients that hired him after his consulting with them for just 3 months).

This experience was critical in understanding the diverse people and business situations that he would encounter throughout his career. Jason continues to focus on professional development and staying current on all aspects of business financial management.