Are You Stuck in Success Limbo?

By Nicole LaBeach, PH.D., MCC

When you read the title “Are You Stuck in Success Limbo?” what was the first thing that came to mind? Was it a leadership decision, career move, vision for your team, business idea/venture? If success appears to be alluding you, it may be time to shift your strategy. Get ready to dig a little deeper and ask some critical questions to help you press toward the mark. No matter the context, they promise to make your limbo a thing of the past:

Question 1: What color is the ball? So here’s the thing, if you’re absolutely sure it’s one color, that may be the hidden opportunity you didn’t know existed. Yes, perspective is everything and it too can be limiting if it only considers a singular vantage point. That said, who has the ability to look at the circumstance and give a different perspective on how to achieve your goal? Take a chance and pick 3 people (e.g., your coach, team member, peer, etc.) who have the subject matter expertise to truly spar with your perspective so you can gain a different/value added vantage point. Taking nothing away from your leadership, business acumen, or achievements to this point, it may just be time to seek wise council and explore options that were previously unnoticed or considered.

Question 2: Is my foundation strong? It’s impossible to build a skyscraper on a foundation that’s limited to a two-story building. Have you truly covered and surpassed the basics for the greatest chance at success? It may be time to go back to the beginning and make sure you’ve covered all the bases. For example, if it’s managing your boss, are you clear on what they value and if your professional beliefs align? If it’s a new business, do you have a strong business plan and operating agreement? It may be time to go back to the beginning to see if it offers a missing link, step, or potential game changer you can benefit from.

Question 3: Am I on a path or a treadmill? Only you can assess whether you’re doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When you look objectively, are you engaging in the same attitude, approach, and actions though their yielding undesirable results? If you don’t change any or all of these factors you stand the risk of being on a proverbial treadmill going nowhere – even if you exert a lot of energy and have a team full of people following you. So, what’s the pattern, your pattern? Now’s the time to change it up, embrace being a bit uncomfortable, and choose something different. And, who will you invite to hold you accountable? An accountability partner, will position you for greater success and help to minimize reverting back to old habits. 

Question 4: Am I shooting at the wrong target? When success limbo plagues a circumstance, the critical consideration is not whether or not to quit, it’s are you shooting at the right target?  Is it a fit for you? Is the target appropriately aligned with your core values and expertise? Invariably, every success story is familiar adversity, resistance, rejection, and the like, but there are times when the intensity of those factors result from being on the wrong track/running the wrong race. If you’re on the wrong business or professional track, it’s not about quitting – it’s about getting off so you can get on the right one.

Question 5: Am I going solo when I should be in a team effort? There are times when it’s clear we’ve gone as far as we can go as a solo act. The next level may require delegation , team building and a shared vision to make success a reality. The key is to identify people with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources to fill the gap in question. Is it time to partner with someone or develop your team to help leverage the success?

Question 6: Am I being hustled by fear? Not to be under-estimated, fear can be a significant factor when it comes to success. Fear of change, failure, loss, the unknown, success, and countless others can keep you in unnecessary limbo. However, in most cases your options are three-fold: move without fear, move with fear, or be stopped by fear. Because fears greatest goal is paralysis, it can only be successfully conquered with movement. In fact, movement to fear is like kryptonite was to Superman – Fear hates movement and the farther you go the more momentum diminishes its effect.

Question 7:  Am I giving it my all? Success requires leadership, commitment, consistency, focus, sacrifice, and smart/hard work. Are you half way in and half way out? Are you in the sometimes zone expecting a full commitment outcome? What has it taken for other people to be successful at what you’re attempting? Is your effort and commitment consistent and comparable to theirs? If not, what will you do to step up your game and encourage yourself as you approach the finish line? If you give it your all, the return on the investment stands to be a lot more promising and worthy of your effort!


If you’re ready to take on any of these steps to burst through your success limbo, speak with Nicole today to discuss how coaching could serve your mission!