Steve Hansen, PCC

Executive Coach

Focus: Strategic/Systems Focus, Productive Communication, Building Influence

Steve HansenSteve works with individuals and groups on executive and management development, strategic and systems focuses, productive communication, relationship building, navigating networks, and using influence to positively reach organizational goals. His genuine interest in helping leaders reach their desired outcomes creates a learning environment that engenders trust and where it is safe to take risks needed for long-term change. He’s known for his warm, personal, engaging style.

As a former COO and Director of Sales, Steve has worked to organize, automate, and streamline operations, administration, and sales functions. He possesses excellent analytical, evaluative, communications, and interpersonal skills and is a strategic and systemic thinker.

Steve has extensive experience working with individuals in mid-size to Fortune 50 companies, ranging from mid- level managers to C-Suite executives. This includes a wide variety of industries including financial services, technology/high tech, insurance, health care, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, construction, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, and government contracting, among others.

Steve’s approach to executive coaching guides leaders in behavior change by building on their strengths and focusing on their development needs. He helps the leader reach insights necessary for success by enhancing what they do with an emphasis on how they do it. This integration of “doing” and “being” is what makes outstanding leadership possible. He supports and challenges the leader to search for new ways to answer old questions. This moves the leader into action and increased effectiveness. Using inquiry, and feedback from 360 interviews, he helps leaders discover and clarify areas for development, encourages leader self-discovery, elicits leader-generated solutions and strategies, and holds the leader responsible and accountable to their goals.

Steve is a Professional Certified Coach since 2009, certified by the International Coach Federation. He has been trained as an Action Learning coach, in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and the Immunity to Change® process. He began his coaching practice at the Coaches Training Institute and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Steve holds a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University.


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