Our Process

Our Process Helps Your Leaders Write Their Own Formulas For Success

Executive Coaching Process Overview

At Arden Coaching, our process is centered on combining heightened awareness with tangible actions to create measureable results.

This process is a six-month one-on-one program of discovery, development, and transformation that’s both rigorous and effective. Coaches work with clients at a fundamental level to help them become aware of the specific behaviors and patterns of thinking that are holding them back from reaching their full potential within their positions.

Transitioning from awareness to action takes dedication from both sides of the team. After coach and client co-create a plan with intended outcomes, coaches expose executives to creative and effective ways to approach workplace challenges and steer them toward new opportunities.

Gaining Awareness


Aligning Objectives

At the start of the engagement, the client, their supervisor, and the executive coach meet to define the partnership’s overall goals and direction. At this point, executives share their personal and professional objectives for the engagement augmented by thoughts from their supervisor and suggestions from their coach. Alignment lays a strong foundation for what each party can expect from the partnership and acts as a starting point for the executive’s progress.


360-Degree Assessment and Plan Development

After alignment, the executive is evaluated using a qualitative or quantitative 360-degree assessment. This unique, highly effective analysis works to examine the client’s skills, habits, and interpersonal and leadership styles. The coach and client use the feedback gathered from the assessment to craft a plan that will address the goals determined during alignment with measurable, intended outcomes.


Taking Action


Action Plan Implementation

After feedback from the 360-degree assessment is collected and the action plan is formed, the executive and coach will meet four hours per month in order to implement individual strategies to address the executive’s targeted improvement areas.

During this period of development and change, coaches provide leaders with the perspective they need to work through their current patterns and interactions and realize what works and what doesn’t.

“We’ve accomplished significant things in six months. These sessions continue to surprise me with their value. I’m very clear now on what I need and what I want.” – W.R., Entrepreneur

Executive coaching provides alternatives to old, ineffective ways of working and creates pathways to move the executive toward these new alternatives.

Real Results


Long-Term Shifts in Performance

Real change involves revising more than just actions. It involves evaluating the underlying motivations for an individual’s pattern of thinking, which serves as the key to lasting behavioral change. When executives experience greater self-awareness and finally have access to avenues and opportunities that were once hidden, aha moments abound and executives can reach out and establish tangible shifts in behavior, which are evident in the new results they achieve.

In order to share and celebrate these results and victories, Arden keeps the company apprised of the client’s progress throughout the engagement.

Arden coaches light the way for executives as they resolve their personal gaps in leadership and step to the forefront of your organization.

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