Our Mission

Personal and professional leadership development that benefits individuals and their organizations.

Arden Coaching is a team of 35 experienced coaches who share a powerful and effective method for cultivating positive change within their clients. Each of our coaches sets out to strengthen leadership within each organization they partner with so that both the individual and the company prosper.

Founded in 2007

President Maren Perry founded Arden Coaching in 2007. As true leaders tend to do, Maren’s unique practices and successes with her clients at Arden attracted peers and followers, other great coaches who shared her coaching style and vision. As these talented individuals joined Maren’s practice, a natural evolution took place.

The Arden Coaching team is made up of top coaching talent who challenge, encourage, and inspire your company’s top executives. We have been improving the leadership skills of company leaders big and small, local and global for the past nine years. In 2013, Arden Coaching was recognized as a Certified Women’s Owned Business.

What’s in a Name?

Many of our clients are curious as to why we chose the name Arden Coaching. We’ve found that the answer is one that defines us as a team of dedicated coaches quite well.

Arden refers to the Forest of Arden from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The image of a tunneling forest echoes the job of a coach: to reflect with greater perspective than our clients can see for themselves, acting as the forest for the trees. A forest is also a place through which one chooses their own path, coming upon obstacles (rocks, rivers, trees, animals) and forging a way through.

The Arden Approach

As coaches, we’re partners with our clients throughout this process, always keeping the destination in mind and assisting them in navigating the path along the way. Trees are both strong and delicate, echoing the elements we combine in our coaching: power and joy, passion and practicality, purpose and actions.

This symbiotic relationship between the group and the individual, the forest and the trees, captures Arden’s core belief behind our practice: to grow the individual so both they and the company benefit.

Engaging with Arden

At Arden Coaching, we treat each interaction with our clients as an opportunity. We want you to walk away better than you came to us, whether you’re a company, client, vendor, or prospective new client. For you, that may be the transformation of your business or a new tool or way of seeing the world, or maybe it’s just a pleasant phone conversation when you have a question. At the end of the day, we want to make a difference for our clients.
Here are the Values we live by every day:

Integrity ~ Authenticity ~ Service ~ Reliability ~ Joy

Learn what an executive coaching partnership could do for the good of your executives and the good of your organization by reaching out to us for a consultation today.


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