Our Favorite Offsite Location in NY

We facilitate a lot of executive offsites. Many of them are completely functional, with a local hotel conference room set aside for a business meeting. But most of the do not accomplish the mindset that can be the most useful for these events. When you’ve set time and money aside for your top executives to have strategic conversations about the company’s future, the most important thing is to get them outside their day -to-day. It’s about getting perspective and a fresh take on the situation, so that they can look with fresh eyes and see some solutions and opportunities that they may not see from inside their daily grind.

Mohonk Mountain House has always offered that opportunity. For over a century, leaders have been coming to Mohonk to take a mindful approach to the world’s issues. A National Historic Landmark, Mohonk Mountain House is only 90 minutes from the bustle of Manhattan, but a world away. It’s the perfectly convenient, but escapist setting for a corporate retreat. Just this Autumn, they have added a knockout addition that is sure to be our go-to offsite location! The Grove Lodge is the perfect spot for an executive team offsite: beautifully appointed rooms, plus a central meeting area that assures privacy and focus for the meetings, with the convenience of everyone in one location.

We got a tour of the site just before it opened and saw all the possibilities for both formal and casual conversations that the ideal offsite allows.

For larger groups, there are of course additional meeting spaces available in the main house, along with all the amenities you’d expect: spa, fitness center, delicious meals. Plus, the miles of hiking trails and gorgeous surrounds make it easy to step outside the day-to-day and look at a larger picture.

Mohonk offers all the elements we recommend in our Offsite Recommendations Packet for planning a retreat. We can’t wait for our next offsite at Mohonk at Grove Lodge!


For more information on the location, visit: http://www.mohonk.com/groups/overnight/rfp and be sure to mention Grove Lodge. Enjoy!!