Offer this High-Value Employee Benefit: Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can be a genuine game-changer for both executive leaders and their organizations. It’s often thought of as a stand-alone effort, separate from an executive’s day-to-day. Sometimes, it’s even perceived as a negative. What if you offered executive coaching as an employee benefit? A reward?

Why a perk? Executive coaching results in improved communication, leadership skills, and performance. It is a partnership that moves you through a proven and intentional process of:

  1. Heightened awareness about your current and possible beliefs and behaviors
  2. Leveraging that awareness to build a tangible plan of action
  3. Achieving desired goals with measurable results

The benefits of executive coaching are numerous, so frame executive coaching in a way that highlights the many advantages it offers. For more about the essentials of executive coaching, read Arden Coaching’s article, “What is Executive Coaching?”

We know of several businesses that have incorporated executive coaching into their employee benefits package, with strong, positive results. For example, a business may offer a specific number of company-paid executive coaching opportunities for high-potential employees. These select employees are then invited to apply for available slots. Over time, demand grows and the invitation to apply becomes identified as a sign of recognition. Selection for executive coaching becomes a valued privilege and a high honor!

High-potential executives understand that their company is saying to them, “We believe you have exceptional potential. You are an important and valued person at this company. We want to invest in your professional development by providing executive coaching.” Framed poorly, the chance to experience executive coaching can appear to be a negative. “You need work. You’re lacking in certain leadership traits. We think you need coaching.”

What a difference! 

Offering executive coaching as a reward for high-potential leaders is a true win-win:

Benefits of executive coaching for employees:

  • Grow professionally and personally in a deliberate and measurable way
  • Improve leadership abilities
  • Increase communications skills
  • Strengthen inter-personal relationships
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Enhance and focus career development
  • Improve the likelihood of promotion and advancement
  • Acquire new, powerful personal and professional insights
  • It’s a valued indicator of employer appreciation and esteem 

Benefits of executive coaching for your organization:

  • As older executives retire, executive coaching for select employees builds a highly-qualified pipeline of future executive leaders.
  • Improve executive employee retention (for employees you really want to retain)
  • Assists with recruitment: organizations that are known to develop and promote from within tend to be more attractive to job-seekers. 
  • Employees perceive executive coaching as a high-value benefit
  • Tangible sign of employee recognition

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