Nick Tubach, MBA, PCC

Executive Coach

Focus: People and Relationships, Team Member Skills and Organizational Culture

Nick Tubach is a seasoned executive coach focusing on transformational leadership development and team engagement in rapidly changing environments.  In his coaching, Nick has a sincere, straightforward approach and sees himself as the client’s thinking partner, helping to create new awareness around blind spots which impact their effectiveness as a leader. By coaching the person, instead of the problem, Nick aims to create an ideal environment for clients to experience breakthroughs and obtain massive traction on their most important work.

Nick has held senior executive leadership positions ranging from Start-ups which IPO‘d to Fortune 100 companies, giving him an understanding of his coaching clients’ world and pressures.  He has started and sold two award-winning companies: his most recent company, S2 Batteries, sold to Eldor Corporation after being honored with a global innovation award at the HelloTommorrow, deep-tech conference (Paris).

Nick has an extensive background in corporate executive coaching, leadership development and management consulting and is currently an executive coach for Columbia University’s MBA/EMBA Leadership Lab. He has served such industries as energy/oil and gas, healthcare, engineering & technology, financial services, professional services and professional sports.


Education and Certifications

  • MBA, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University
  • Leadership, Organizational Development and Executive Coaching – ACTP Graduate Certificate, Naveen Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Birkman Assessment
  • EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence) and EQ 360

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