Never Enough Time

By Sheeba Varghese, PCC

There is just never enough time in the day at least that is what I hear all the time.

Time management is a topic that is often the underlying stress for many in leadership. You become everything to everyone and there are so many things and people clamoring for your time. You have deadlines, pressure coming from the top and from those you direct. You have your own work and those you are trying to develop and train to take some of the load.

Does this sound familiar?

Everyone gets the same amount of time. So, what are we to do? Where is the time to fit it all into our lives?

My invitation to you today is to actually challenge the status quo on this answer by saying, “I have enough time to do what I need to get done today!” What???? Yes, you heard me correctly! When you embrace a mindset that stems from this belief, it will begin to influence the way you show up, attend to your priorities, and relate to others.

Here are just some small steps to move you into that direction:

  1. Begin by saying “yes” to you.   If you are burned out…then there is nothing that is going to get done well. In fact, you might end up sick and then everything will get stacked up.
  1. Evaluate all the things that you are Determine what you will delegate. It may not get done as you would want it to be done, but that is fine. This is your opportunity to release perfection in exchange for developing others, so they might be able to bring forth their brilliance.
  1. Say no! Do not agree to everything and anything that comes your way. Protect your time and tell your time where to go.
  1. Allow yourself to “LIVE INTO YOUR PRIORITIES!”

Which of these steps will you experiment with in the next 2 months? It is a muscle that will need time to develop as you continue to anchor the belief from a new mindset. And you have the opportunity to begin now. See what works, what doesn’t and be consistent with the follow through. Allow yourself to use your time to LIVE INTO YOUR PRIORITIES.




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