Meditation and Its Benefits To Leadership 

By Lyne Desormeaux, PSYD, MCC. Did you know that, worldwide, hundreds of millions of people meditate? And that about 14% of Americans have at least tried it? The practice has become so popular that now you can find apps dedicated to teaching you how to meditate. 

One such app is Headspace, which I have been recommending to my coaching clients since it came out. I had been meditating 10 minutes a day for a few years and was noticing the benefits. So I thought the app was worth trying. What I like about it is that it’s easy to use mindfulness training, so even if you’ve never meditated before, it can help you with staying focused, addressing stress, or even with your sleep. The experience was so grounding. When COVID hit last March, I started to meditate 20 minutes a day and haven’t stopped. 

Recently a client who was working on slowing down her thinking to help reactivity decided to give meditation a try. She saw the benefits immediately and, within a few weeks, was meditating every day. She is now taking time to reflect, listen more intently, and pacing herself before sharing her thoughts. She also has been amazed that she can better assess her audience and understand where her colleagues are coming from because she is assimilating and processing a lot slower. And she is enjoying herself a lot more. She added yoga to her routine and now looks forward to her work week. 

The Benefits of Meditating for Leaders

  1. Slows down thinking processing time
  2. Taking a breath or two also creates space for thinking before sharing thoughts and concerns
  3. Reduces stress, especially during difficult periods
  4. Gaining new perspectives, which is so crucial during stressful situations
  5. Increased self-awareness is needed throughout the leader journey
  6. Increase development of imagination and creativity
  7. Help with self-management
  8. Help in cultivating patience and tolerance
  9. Help with mood regulations 

More and more studies are examining and documenting the multiple emotional, physical, and mental benefits of meditation (see below). Given its power and the added benefits to your leadership, now might be the perfect time to give it a try. What have you got to lose? 

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