Maren Perry on TV

Maren Perry, Executive Coach on TVYou just can’t let a good thing go to waste… at least that’s what they tell me about my appearance on Coach World TV.

They’re re-televising it this month: Terry Yoffe interviewed me about Executive Coaching and they’ll be re-airing it on May 12th.

Those outside NYC (or who can’t wait) can view it here anytime: Maren on TV

Maren Perry on TVIn NYC, you can find it here May 12th at 8pm:

6Time Warner Cable TV channel 56
RCN channel 83
Digital channel 111
without cable box on channel 17

And on Verizon FiOS the line up is:

MNN #1 – Verizon FiOS channel 33
MNN #2 – Verizon FiOS channel 34
MNN #3 – Verizon FiOS channel 35
MNN #4 – Verizon FiOS channel 36